5 Things to Try On Your
next adventure

Even during and following a global pandemic, people love to take trips. In the United States alone, over 100 million people take at least one vacation per year. Yet taking the same journey and visiting the same places over and over becomes tedious.

Fortunately, there are many activities you can try on your next wild adventure as you turn a great holiday into an amazing one.

Stay at a River Lodge

Forest holidays and mountain ski resorts accommodate lodges for romantic getaways and families alike. Yet, river lodges offer a unique experience. Typically, river lodges are located in areas near wild rivers. However, operators like New and Gauley River Adventure provide unforgettable vacation experiences you will treasure forever.

Whitewater rafting, horseback riding, and mountain biking are just some of the adventures typical of a river lodge holiday, and many of these become lifeline hobbies for children, giving them something constructive and healthy to do with their time.

Local Cuisine

One of the most overlooked things when visiting another country is the local foods. You know you have done it: sought out a restaurant that serves the food you eat at home while on holiday in an exotic location.

However, you don’t know what you are missing when you ignore a country’s cuisine like Thailand or Jamaica. Fresh Tom Yum soup during a tropical storm is something to behold. While Ackee and Saltfish on the beach during sunset are a delight. If you are unsure about good eateries, take Rick Stein’s advice and watch where the locals go for supper.

Landscape Photography

Taking in the sights while on vacation is one of the most incredible things about venturing out into the unknown. The view from a snowy mountaintop, a death-defying ridge, or even a man-made viewing platform from the top of the Empire State Building is spectacular.

Yet you want to keep these memories forever, and with apps like Instagram, you want to share them with the world. Therefore, you could try your hand at photography using either your phone camera or a DSLR. The concept is basic, yet photography is challenging to master. Yet with some practice, you will be taking snaps worthy of selling pon sites like iStock and Getty Images.

Historical Tours

Everywhere you visit holds its own unique history. Yet many people don’t bother to learn about the places they visit. There are resorts next to some of the world’s most historical sites that some people don’t bother to leave.

Therefore, they completely miss out on the chance to enrich their knowledge. What a sad waste it must be to spend two weeks in the vicinity of the Parthenon and pass up the opportunity to visit. All tourist places offer tours, from the winding streets of York in the UK to the vast complex of pyramids at Giza.

Visit Local Beauty Spots

In addition to taking the time to learn about local history, you can find some of the most stunning places wherever you go just by asking the locals. In some cases, they may not want to divulge the information at first, So, it is helpful to become friendly first. Hotel staff, guides, and shopkeepers are excellent sources of information.

For example, the Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki, Japan, isn’t on all tour guides. Still, it’s well worth seeking out anyway. If you cannot source the information from locals, just like food, observe where they go. Just not in a creepy or illegal manner.

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