Enhancing Travel with Podcasts

What’s better than a trip to your dream vacation destination? A podcast to make the journey worth your time. Listening to stories on the go is not just enjoyable. It can help you think, connect with others, relax, or awaken all the feels.

If you don’t listen to podcasts while traveling, you’re missing out! But don’t worry. We’ll soon have you curating a playlist for every trip you make, including a quick dash to the grocery store.

Why You Should Make Listening to Podcasts While Traveling a Lifestyle

There are times when you just want a quiet ride home. However, longer trips are more fun when you can bop your head to some music or listen to an audio narration. Here are some reasons why podcasts make a great travel companion.

Podcasts widen your perspective on life

Podcasts expose you to different ideas, cultures, and perspectives. Hearing others share aspects of their lives helps you understand just how big and diverse the world is.

You get to see the many shades of gray hidden in everyday decisions and that things aren’t always black or white, right or wrong. Ultimately, podcasts can expand your empathy and broaden your understanding of the world around you.

It helps you relax

For many people, tuning in to a podcast is like bonding with a friend. It feels more personal than scrolling through a social media page or watching a scene on television.

It helps you bond with others

Binging on podcast episodes is one way for you and your travel mates to bond. As you exchange views, opinions, and relatable personal stories, all these add to the growing layers of your friendship.

You can also catch up on your favorite podcasts while traveling and discuss them with friends when you return.

It provides an opportunity to learn

Podcasts allow you to learn new subjects or build on your existing knowledge. And traveling provides the perfect avenue to imbibe this knowledge away from family and work distractions.

It can improve your mental health

Listening to podcasts regularly can improve your active listening skills. When the content is engaging, you’ll focus and block out thoughts that might distract you. Intentional focus can enhance mindfulness as you listen to the excitement behind every high-pitched exclamation and the regret in every uneasy laugh.

Podcast Genres to Listen to While Traveling

Podcasts come in all genres. Opening a podcast player is like finding all your favorite things in the world in one place—there is so much goodness to choose from.

But here are some podcast genres that will enhance your travel adventures, whether driving across the country, boarding a plane, or taking a train ride across Europe.

Travel Podcasts

A travel podcast might be the balm that soothes your travel jitters. Travel podcasts can school you on:

  • The activities other travelers indulge in
  • How to make your travel itinerary interesting
  • New places to visit in your destination
  • What to avoid in different places and how to stay safe
  • Hidden gems for the best scenery, cultural experience, local cuisine, etc
  • Funny/awkward incidents that others experienced


True Crime Podcasts

If you feel like you could be a crime investigator in another world, the sensational world of true-crime podcasts is yours to devour. There’s a whole list of captivating podcasts to choose from, and they come in as many formats and episodes as you have time for. Travel with the Slaycation Podcast, and you’ll soon be engaging the analytical part of your brain as if you have a vested interest in each case.

Dig in if you ever wonder what causes someone to murder their whole family or round up a group of strangers, lock them in a dungeon, and proceed to slaughter them one by one, forcing the remnants to watch the horrifying act. We have to say, though, that for the uninitiated, listening to stomach-churning tales of murder and cannibalism may have you rethinking your decision to spend the weekend alone in the woods. But then again, a grim podcast can finally reveal whether you’re as gutsy as you think.

Documentary Podcasts

If non-fiction narratives feed your soul, you can opt for documentary podcasts. There are plenty of quality documentary podcasts, many of which have an authoritative journalistic angle that brings out the subtle reasons behind the actions, policies, and politics relating to the topic of discussion.

Documentary podcasts are one way to increase your knowledge about specific subjects. You can begin by searching for podcasts on topics dear to your heart. Later, expand to things you’re curious about and eventually venture into unfamiliar topics.

Gossip Podcasts

Few things say let’s wind down better than good old gossip. It could be celebrity gossip, chitchat about the shenanigans in your town, or gossip about strangers.

We like to know what others are doing and who has been inappropriate on social media. That happened? What would I do if it happened to me?

Hearing what others are going through or how others are dealing with different situations can help you realize that you’re not the only one going through a tough time. It can also change how you view different random things.

Traveling presents an opportunity to discover new podcasts and catch up on old favorites. It’s a pleasant way to get lost in riveting stories without distractions from the workplace and family life. Many podcasts are a treat when tuning in with friends, but they are just as delightful for solo listening.

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