Five Ideas If You're Missing Travel During Coronavirus

Todd Smidt by Todd Smidt

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

If you usually love to travel, and you’re finding it hard now the pandemic has you grounded, you might be feeling pretty low. Globe-trotters don’t like to be home for very long, and it can be tough to feel like you’ve had to give up your adventures for the time being. All is not lost though, and there are some things you can do cheer yourself up and have some adventures at home.



Plan your next trip

You have lots of time to plan that dream trip that you’ve never had time to arrange. As soon as travel restrictions lift, you’ll be ready to set off on the trip of a lifetime, whether you’re dreaming of an epic road trip, visiting a new country, or the ultimate camping trip with friends. Putting a pause on your travels means you have more time to save money too, so you will more to spend on your trip.

Play tourist at home

If you’re usually busy exploring the world, you probably haven’t spent much time exploring your local area. Where do the tourists go when they visit your home town? Have you visited the tourist attractions or seen the sights yourself? While you’re at home, play tourist, and visit the parks, museums, and other attractions. If you can, spend a little money when you visit these places, as they’re likely to be struggling with the loss of tourist spend.

Pretend you’re on vacation at home

What do you do on vacation that you never do at home? Why not do some of these things while you can’t travel. Maybe while you’re away, maybe you love to get dressed up for dinner, take a long walk in the evening, or drink wine in the bath. Do these things at home. Perhaps you always eat very healthily at home but go all out on vacation. Treat yourself to a guilt-free blow-out meal with something like Famous Daves Carry Out Menu. This is another nice way to support a local business that might be finding times hard.

Turn your bedroom into a hotel room

Miss hotel life? Bring it home! Take inspiration from your favorite hotels and add some decorative touches to your bedroom. Treat yourself to some posh bedding, with a fluffy duvet and high-quality pillows. Buy something that feels amazing on your skin. Fill your bathroom with a luxe, fluffy towels, and gorgeous toiletries. Light your room with lamps to make the light more relaxing. Add other glamorous touches like candles, beautiful artwork, or clever gadgets. If you really want that hotel feel, you could even pop a wrapped chocolate on your pillow before you go to bed.

Camp at home

Do you love more adventurous travel like camping? You can recreate it at home. Put a tent up in the garden, or if the weather is really bad, even in the living room. Cook your dinner on the barbecue, make camping treats like s’mores, and spend the night in your tent.


Stay Gold.

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