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A get away to australia

Australia is a travel destination that features on many people’s bucket lists. This isn’t all too surprising considering the sheer amount that it has to offer pretty much everyone! Whether you’re looking for laid back beaches, coral reefs, culture and city life or anything else, there will be a part of Australia that will cater to you. Of course, if you’re going to take such a big trip, you’re going to want to make sure that you get as much out of it as possible. Here are just a few pieces of advice that will help you to achieve this as best possible!

Seeing as Much of Australia as Possible

When you head to Australia, chances are you’ve taken a pretty long flight to be there and may be spending a fair amount of time there. So, you’re bound to want to see of much of the place as you can. The easiest way to do this? A road trip. Rent a car in the middle of Perth’s city centre and plan your trip from there! Make sure to factor in plenty of break stops and try to plan your route logically, stopping off in places as you go through them rather than travelling back and forth.

Seeing as Much Wildlife as Possible

If there’s one thing that Australia’s renowned for, it’s its wildlife. Here, you’ll be able to encounter all sorts of creatures that you’d never see in the wild in other areas of the world. So, why not create a wildlife bucket list and see how many animals you can tick off? Of course, make sure that you are only seeing these animals in the wild in their natural habitat and make sure that you are safe while doing so. Animals cooped up in cages or small reserves may not be living the best quality of life and you don’t want to encourage animal cruelty. Some animals people tend to want to see include:



Koalas, sometimes referred to as Koala Bears, are native to Australia and, believe it or not, aren’t actually bears at all. Instead, they are marsupials, carrying their young in pouches. Right now, there are around 80,000 koalas in Australia. While they can be difficult to find in the wild, it’s worth a shot. Avoid paying to see captive koalas. Instead, look out for them in Port Stephens National Park or on Raymond Island in Victoria.




Another Australian native animal is the kangaroo. They are another marsupial and even feature on the Australian national coat of arms! Bear in mind that kangaroos can be aggressive, so never approach one and keep your distance at all times. They can be found on the aptly named Kangaroo Island, which is protected land with national parks and reserves.


These, of course, are just a few suggestions that will help you to tick plenty of your to-do boxes while you’re away in Australia. Hopefully, a few will work in your favour and will help you to have the best trip possible!


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