How to Make Date Night
Extra Special

It has been a hot minute since any of us got to go out and do anything. But now that the rules are relaxing, we can look forward to getting out and spending time with other people. If your love life has been on pause during all of this, you should make some extra effort when it comes to getting back out there again.

It doesn’t matter if you are single or loved up, it is time to make date night special again.

Go out-out

After looking at the inside of our homes for the last 18 months, it is time to go out-out. If you are not sure what this means, don’t worry, we are here to help. The idea behind out-out is that the night will be extra special. This is not a casual night on the town. You need to get dressed up, splash some fancy aftershave and be prepared to spend some cash.

Your good shirts have been neglected at the back of the wardrobe so they probably need an iron ran order them. Forget casual nights out, it is time to get out-out.

No driving

If you like to have a drink, you probably won’t want to bring your car out with you. Instead, you will need to catch a bus or order a taxi. But who wants to do that? Make your first night out together a big deal and call a limo company and book a car.

You might not get it for the full night but rolling around for an hour in a limo before pulling up to the club with your other half on your arm is priceless. At the very least, don’t drink and drive, it is not worth the possible damage and pain.

Romantic meal

Who here can’t cook? We can see some hands going up there. As wonderful as it is to have a home-cooked meal, especially if you can’t cook, getting out a restaurant is better. The wine flows, the meal is brought to your table, and you don’t have any washing up to do.

Give yourself a break from the kitchen and go out for a meal. It doesn’t need to be anywhere fancy, your favorite place to eat will do just fine. As long as you have actual plates to eat off, go for it.

Flowers and chocolates

The idea of bringing flowers and chocolates for a date died a death a long time ago but we think it is time to revive the custom. Your date might no appreciate you showing up at the restaurant with a big bunch of flowers, but if you know the address of their office or home, send them a bunch that will make everyone else jealous.

If you happen to be picking them up from their house, you could bring your flowers and chocolate with you as a surprise. Don’t get us wrong, we know flowers can be expensive so if you do decide to grab a cheaper bunch, make sure that you remove the label first.

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