How to Stay Fit
while traveling

Yes, it is possible to stay fit while on vacation- who knew, right?

Here are some of the best travel fitness tips that work and will help you not worry about standing on the scale when you return from a home.

It is a common mindset that your fitness and workout habits get forgotten when traveling. However, this is a misconception that fitness enthusiasts ignore. Although your regular workout routine may not happen, you can definitely burn the same number of calories while traveling with easy to carry fitness equipment.

It turns out there is a myriad of exercises to do while traveling that can keep your body in chiseled perfection.

Staying healthy while traveling is as easy as it can get if you just keep these tips in mind.

Walk or cycle around town

Drop the cab ride, ditch the elevator and explore the new town on foot. Walking will not only help you explore the streets, but it will also put the fun back in fitness.

Another great exercise while traveling is to ride a bicycle.

Not your regular mode of commute; it’s such a pleasure to ride through a scenic view or a lush green road. A half-hour cycle ride could easily torch off 300 calories!

Indulge in yoga and outdoor workouts

You have not known happiness if you haven’t practiced yoga on a beach or with the sound of birds chirping. A beginner to intermediate yoga session will help you stretch, improve flexibility, strength and focus.

Also, how about a natural endorphin kick? Running, hiking, swimming, surfing are some simple ways to stay fit while traveling. All you will need is a yoga mat, skipping rope, activewear and shoes to workout al fresco.

Use the hotel gym or room for a simple CrossFit workout

CrossFit workout is an excellent choice for fitness while traveling as it can be easily adapted to a hotel room or a gym. A CrossFit workout regime can be performed using just bodyweight or common equipment like dumbbells, treadmill or a pull-up bar that you may find in any hotel with a decent gym.

From overhead lunges or squats to dumbbell swings, a CrossFit workout can be structured for all. You can carry a few travel-friendly workout gear like pull-up bands to get going inside your room too! Trust me, that scrumptious hotel breakfast spread will taste even better after sweating it out in the morning.

Stay hydrated and eat smart

With all the walking, traveling and adventure activities, you will need to drink a good amount of water throughout the day. Ensure that you always carry a water bottle with you. You can also level up your hydration by eating loads of fruits or drinking natural fruit juices.

While you’re on vacation, stay away from mindless binge eating. Eat when you really feel hungry. Make healthier choices like avoiding sugary cocktails, drinking wine in moderation, having a hearty breakfast and a light dinner.

Carry healthy snacks such as protein bars, dry fruits and mixed seeds for when you get hunger pangs. And hey, don’t forget to burn the dance floor while you’re partying at the clubs!

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