What to do in Sioux Falls
When Adventure Calls

Look out the window and you will feel it too. Yes, it’s the bright sunny sky calling you to step out and have some fun. Given the pleasant Sioux Falls weather at the moment, it is only fair for you to put on some sunscreen and prepare for a day full of adventure.

With a series of events lined up for summer, there is a little something for everyone to do in the city. And after carefully going through the bundle of available experiences, this list brings to you the top things to do at Sioux Falls this season.

1. Go Hiking At Good Earth State Park

If you want to set out on a trek then put on your hiking boots and head to Good Earth State Park. The location houses the Big Sioux River flowing in at places and provides a perfect backdrop for visitors. We would suggest you check Sioux Falls weather before embarking on your hiking trip. That way, you can be prepared for adverse conditions.

The Blood Run Site at the park is a traditional Native American settlement dating back almost 8500 years. If you’re interested, you can drop by the visitor’s center in its vicinity to learn about the Native American culture and life

2. Gaze At The Mighty Cathedral

If you’re looking for something breath-taking, then the Cathedral of St. Joseph is a sight to behold! The catholic church is dream-like and features a four-pillar, free-standing altar, detailed French stained windows, and a stunning mural on the roof.

It resembles the architecture at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and it’s the ideal pit-stop for history buffs. The church also houses manicured lawns and a nature-laden backdrop that’s perfect for an ideal day out.


3. Make Friends With Butterflies And Stingrays

The Butterfly House boasts over 800 free-flying butterflies in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and it’s ideal for families with kids. The location presents a myriad of shades and is enough to get your tiny tots filled with wonder and joy.

To make the trip even more fun, visit the adjoining South Dakota Aquarium while here. The venue offers ample opportunity to meet with sharks and stingrays and learn about underwater life.


4. Take A Helicopter Ride

Do you want to know what it feels like to have the world at your feet? A helicopter ride over the city is the best way to experience the thrill of being mid-air and enjoy panoramic views.

There are several operators such as Ride The Sky who offer private charters for special occasions or just for a joy ride. Experts facilitate smooth rides and it’s a fun take on exploring the city.

5. Bike Around The Sioux Falls Bike Trail

If you’ve not ridden around the Sioux Fall Bike Trail yet, you’re missing out! The 19-mile-long trail offers well-charted paths and many entries and exit points.

Bikers can customize their cycling time and can also rent out bicycles from nearby rentals such as Nyberg’s Ace Rental, Spoke-n-sport, or Harlan’s Bike & Tour. Call your friend and go on a splendid biking tour in the wee hours of the morning for a great time.


6. Play Disc Golf At Tuthill Park

Ideal for family time with the kids, Tuthill Park offers a lot to do. In addition to formal gardens, the park features a skating rink and dedicated picnic shelters. But it’s the disc golf course that always catches everyone’s attention.

It’s one of the best disc golf courses and offers a challenging 18-hole layout. You also get an aerial course map for guidance. Plus, the complimentary scenic views are out of a postcard!


7. Sip On Craft Beers At A Local Brewery

Given the afternoon heat, it’s not a bad idea to sip on some beer at one of the local breweries at Sioux Falls. Over the past couple of years, the local beer scene has grown extensively, and when you’re here, it only makes sense to sample some of the brews.

Monk’s could be a great place to chug a glass or two.

In addition to the above, visiting Sioux Falls is another great way to pack in some fun and adventure. Given the city’s reputation for being a popular summer destination, it’s advisable to stay wary of crowds and follow COVID guidelines while venturing out!

It is time to soak in the much-needed summer goodness! So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready to have some fun.

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