Is it better to travel alone or in a group?
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Many people wonder whether to have a solo or group travel. After traveling a few times, you’ll discover whether you want to do it alone or as a group. Some people enjoy solo travels more than group travels, but it all depends on your preferences and personality. If you are spontaneous and love the thrill of trying new, sometimes dangerous things, you might not get enough people who might share your passion. You might find it easier to go along.

Solo Travel

Solo travel is when you plan an entire trip alone. You’ll not have any arranged company unless you meet other solo travelers on the way or make friends in your new destination. To make your trip smoother and enjoyable, make sure you understand and fulfill all the travel requirements.

For instance, if you want to travel to Canada, you’ll need to apply for your travel authorization to the country before boarding your flight. Check for an easy, quick online process. The permit is for residents from visa-exempt countries wishing to travel to Canada by air.

Once you have all your documentation and necessities, you can go ahead with your solo trip. Here are the reasons everyone should try a solo trip.

You Become More Confident

It’s scary traveling to a new place alone and not having anyone to guide or help solve problems. As frightening as it sounds, you might unknowingly find yourself on the wrong side of the law or get mugged, but when you face such issues alone, you become more confident and brave to try more challenges in the future.

Traveling in a group means there are people to help you make decisions, carry out tasks or support you. You don’t get to think or tackle issues independently. The first time you travel alone can be scary, but you’ll gain the confidence to try it again. To make the experience less frightening, gather as much information as you can about your travel destination and have details of people you can contact when in need.

You Have a More Relaxed Schedule

You can decide where to stay and even change plans without consulting or inconveniencing anyone. If you like a particular place and you were to stay there for 30 minutes, you can decide to stay for as long as you want. You’ll also make more independent choices on where to stay, eat and daily activities.

As a group, you have to consider everyone’s preferences, needs and budget. Sometimes you end up doing things you don’t like to please other people or accommodate their needs. For instance, you may want to spend your days in a five-star hotel, but other group members may wish for a more affordable option.

You Make New Friends

It’s easier to make new friends when traveling alone. You might befriend a tour guide, another solo traveller, or the locals. You’ll end up learning a new culture, try out new things such as exotic foods, and interact more with the locals. You are less likely to talk or pay attention to the locals or another lone traveller when in a group.

You Don’t Ruin Friendships

Traveling as a group can ruin friendships because of diverse opinions, expectations and desires. Everyone will feel entitled, and when you disagree, some may feel let down, leading to conflicts that extend beyond the trip.

You Control Your Budget

Solo traveling puts you in charge of what you spend and on what. For instance, you can choose to skip some activities to enjoy a night in a 5-star hotel or choose to have meals at a cheaper facility so that you can save money for a new activity. You don’t have to consult but can twist the budget to fit your needs and preferences.

However, there are downsides to solo traveling. You are more likely to be mugged when alone than in a group. You can get lost more quickly, which can be dangerous but knowing who to talk to when in a situation makes a big difference. In many places, you’ll find friendly and ready to help locals who’ll make it easier for a solo traveller to find directions when lost.

Group Traveling

It’s easier for first-time travelers to have a group vacation because you’ll have other more experienced travelers to guide and protect you. You’ll not feel lonely, confused and scared as you would be traveling alone in unfamiliar territory.


If you have always wanted to have your friends or family in one place without daily distractions, a group travel plan is ideal. You’ll get to spend quality time bonding, having fun and building memories together. The trip, when handled well, can be the start of a more significant relationship. Also, if you’ve always wanted to do something special for a loved one, the trip can be the best chance.

A Better Itinerary

When traveling alone, you are more likely to stick to activities you like or are familiar with as you play it safe. Traveling as a group exposes you to a wider variety of activities to try out as you all accommodate each other’s interests and preferences. The trip also tends to be cheaper as you take advantage of group travel discounts or promotions.

The downside is, you’ll not be fully in control of your actions or decisions. You’ll have to consult with the team before trying anything, and when most members of the group disagree, you let go even when you want something badly.

To make a group travel experience more fulfilling, accommodate everyone’s needs, and expectations than start making plans early. You’ll end up getting favorable deals, better hotels and a more detailed itinerary when you don’t hurriedly go through the process. Make sure to involve everyone concerned with the planning.

Which to Choose 

Both group and solo travel offer great experiences. If you want some time alone to refocus, unwind and re-energize, solo travel is better, but you’ll have more fun with friends when you want to party or discover new places. For the most fulfilling experiences, try to balance the two.

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