Motorcycle Safety Tips
for new riders

Most people who prefer motorcycles can be relaxed, fuel-efficient, and fun. Although, it’s also true that it can get risky compared to driving a car when riding a bike. When you have a crush as a motorist, there are high chances it will be fatal.

Most dedicated riders make sure they stay clear of accidents as they enjoy riding without any incidents. Although, their success gets seen to come from following some of the basic safety practices. In making sure you are on the safe riding side; the following tips can help you keep your rides incident-free.

Stay At a Safe Distance

When you start tailgating when riding, it may not be safe. You can consider staying seconds away from the vehicle in front of you. It can help you because you will stop any emergency that may come along. Also, it’s vital to have an escape route in your mind, like moving to the shoulder if you cannot stop in time.

Cover Your Brakes

When in traffic, you need to react quickly, which means you need to avoid fumbling for the pedal or breaks. In minimizing the reach time, consider keeping a finger or two on the lever brake and ensure your right toe is close to the rear brake pedal. In cases where the cellphone-wielding driver starts cutting across your path and tries to get to the seven-eleven for a burrito supreme, then you need to be ready.

Look For a Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance can be vital as you can get protected on the road as the rest of your safety gear. The insurance can cover some of your replacement costs, the cover repairs, medical bills, the person who may have gotten injured in the accident, and the price for fixing any property that may have gotten damaged in the accident.

Instead of using your money to pay for all of this, you can opt for your insurance to help you afford some of the essential financial responsibilities. To get your insurance, you can consider the top motorcycle insurance company around your area.

Know The Forecast

It doesn’t matter if it’s a regular foil to having good driving conditions and the dangers of the presence of icy roads when you’re on a motorcycle. In this case, you may not only be having half the stability of the car, but you may lack a windshield, and your body may get exposed to driving rain which may be risky.

If you lack visibility, it can be considered your worst nightmare, and till the time you get caught on your bike in a rainy season, it can be hard to understand how much you are pelted by the raindrops and driving can hurt.

Wear The Right Gloves

It’s vital to have suitable gloves with you, especially when you start thinking of the elements that may affect your reaction during some emergencies. You can consider some thinner leather gloves that will control you well.

Also, you can opt for some horse riding gloves since they have more delicate leather as they are also not so expensive.

Wear Safety Boots

Having a proper motorcycle boot may be an entanglement problem. Some people may argue that good hiking boots can be good enough for you to ride in as the boots’ laces can be considered an entanglement problem. When you have a good motorcycle boot, it can offer some protection, good tread between you and the road surface, and some comfort.

You can opt for leather or textile boots, and the way you ride can dictate the things that may work well for you. The shoes with textile materials can help protect you in excellent weather conditions. In case you have no plans of riding in the snow or rain, then considering a leather material can be one of the great options. In that case, you can start coating them in some waterproof layers after their purchase, and this can begin keeping your feet dry in case you run into a pop-up storm.

Consider boots that fit well on your feet as they also need to be over the ankle in height. Look for the ones with extra protection around the ankle so that they can prevent abrasion in case of accidents. The motorcycle boots also need to have a sound closing system that can hide any place, like the hook-and-loop strip that will help keep things tucked away, as the shoes should also have some oil-resistant sole that can give good traction when stepping an intersection.

Ride-In the Open Zones

There are available gaps in most vehicle groupings, and you need to find the rid in them. Use your bike’s power and start riding in some open traffic zones. When you do it, it can begin to separate you from some of the four-wheelers while giving you some additional room to start maneuvering while allowing you to start keeping away from some of the dangerous blind spots.

You can also vary your speed and consider riding along with the flow, making you invisible to different drivers, especially when in heavy traffic.

Be Drug and Alcohol-Free

Some prescribed medications for instance drugs and alcohol can have adverse effects on your coordination, judgment, and balance. The substances also have the capability of impairing your alertness as they can start reducing your time of reaction.

Despite being fully alert, you may find a hard time predicting the things different vehicles and pedestrians may be doing. Therefore, it’s good to ensure you are alcohol-free when on the motorcycle because you may be in trouble if you’re drunk.

Have a Liability Coverage

Suppose you’re in a situation where you’ve caused some damage to a different person or their property in a motorcycle accident. Liability coverage can help as you start paying for some of the resulting costs to help you cover other bills and repairs.

Most insurance policies can give you the opportunity of taking various liability coverage levels. As the highest limits may be considered more expensive, they can also benefit you if you’re a new cyclist or commute through the urban areas as there is a higher likelihood of getting an accident.

Carry a First-Aid Kit

It’s vital to keep a basic first-aid kit if you encounter any injury. In your first aid kit, you can ensure you’ve carried some bandages, a hand sanitizer, some adhesive tape, and band-aids as they can help in case of an accident.

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