Plan a Getaway in the States
alone, for two, or as a family

Where would you spend a weekend getaway in the US? Face with an infinity of choices; most people don’t know where to start.

But rather than thinking in terms of locations, let’s bring the choice in terms of travel group size. Indeed, while some destinations are a fantastic choice for families, they can feel dull or inadequate for couples or solo travelers.

The needs of a solo traveler, for instance, differ greatly from those of a family. Solo adventurers seek safety, easy accessibility and transportation, and a friendly community.

On the other hand, couples will prefer places that encourage romantic activities. They don’t want to mix up with the local community and prefer to focus on quality time together.

Families value children-friendly locations that pack plenty of value at a competitive price. They also seek easy transportation as children tend to get bored on long journeys.

A weekend alone

Traveling alone in the US starts with finding places that are safe, friendly, and entertaining for solo travelers. The Florida Keys is a favorite destination for its welcoming weather and laid-back attitude. You can spend hours walking on the beach and discovering the Old Town. To connect with another famous solo traveler, why not head to the Ernest Hemingway Museum held in the home of the writer in Key West.

The adamant cat lover kept many cats on Key West. In fact, locals believe that the cats you’ll see at the museum are descendants of Hemmingway’s cat. Hemingway was a man who appreciated solitude as much as whiskey and was not afraid to explore the world alone when he was young. Channel his spirit in the Florida Keys.


A family holiday

Florida remains a favorite destination for families too. However, instead of heading to Hemmingway’s home in the Florida Keys, try Mickey Mouse’s home in Orlando. Disney World in Orlando celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2021, so visitors can be sure to receive a warm and exciting welcome. Can’t find your dream room in one of the 36 hotels around the park?

They might be booked for the festive season. But, don’t panic; there are plenty of luxury family resorts recommendation in Whiskey lovers rejoice: Disney World is a popular whiskey destination with Kentucky Bourbon and domestic whiskey available in themed pubs and bars.

A romantic couple weekend

Where should couples head for a romantic weekend trip? The answer depends entirely on your preferences. If you love a breathtakingly eerie landscape, the scenic state of Arizona has a lot to offer with its mountains of red clocks and deep canyons. You can find some inspiring trips in Arizona in a recent article about the best long getaways for couples.

Yet, if you prefer urban landscapes, Seattle is the perfect spot with its iconic city profile, with plenty of tempting whiskey bars. When the buzz of the city gets too much, you can relax on the San Juan islands close by.

Are you traveling alone or with the kids? There’s a perfect weekend getaway destination to meet your needs.

Contrary to common belief, you can have just as much fun and excitement alone as in a small group. The only thing that matters is to pick the right location for your travel group size.


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