The Benefits of Active Holidays
& why take them

When most people think of holidays or vacations, they tend to think of relaxing and sitting down. Laying on a beach with a drink in our hand, spending some time in a beautiful spa, lazily walking along the waterfront and eating a wonderful meal in an authentic restaurant are all high on our list for ‘most pleasurable activities possible.’

It’s no failing of you if you prefer this kind of vacation. After all, normal life is busy and demanding enough without us having to schedule an incredibly intensive operation while we’re trying to enjoy our vacation time.

But if you have the time and the inclination to, taking active holidays can be a worthwhile use of your time. Focusing on an approach that requires a little more energetic investment and the willingness to put yourself in a new situation can help you grow as a person, as well as see this world like nothing else.

But where do you get started – and what might the benefits of doing this even be? In this post, we’ll discuss that in compact detail:

Actively Working On Your Health

Of course, taking an action-oriented holiday such as skiing, paddleboarding in St. Augustine, or hiking with people in a range of environments (in some cases, even ice glacier hiking trips are available!) can help you avoid the standard tiredness and lethargy that comes with some vacations.

When you’re active, you get better sleep, you’re less likely to overeat each day or drink too much alcohol. You may come back feeling as though you’ve just had a detox – although during that time, you had an incredible amount of fun, too.

Actively Exploring The World

Actively exploring the world, as in, really exploring it, not just going for a package deal on a tour bus, or taking a cruise, but finding a point from which you can explore (in safety!) and doing so, be that hiking with a charting group, kayaking, abseiling, and more, can make a major difference. Simply taking a road trip down the coast of your country can help you see more than you may ever have done just commuting.

Getting lost in a local town and enjoying the authentic food there can also feel like a prize found on a beautiful adventure. Don’t be afraid to chart yourself in this way, it may make a tremendous difference.

Actively Socializing & Bonding

Active holidays, such as those that inspire you to travel and attend events, can help you meet new people in situations that you may not otherwise. To use an example – think of how hiking with a group across a beautiful pilgrimage route in Europe could help you meet all kinds of people on their own path and exploring for their own means.

That kind of approach can be a wonderful way of putting yourself in a situation you might not usually go to, something that helps level you among other people, allowing you to connect and relate. People make friendships from their vacations all the time.

Perhaps this might happen to you next.

With this advice, we hope you can enjoy the benefits of active holidays, enjoying them through and through.

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