The 11 Best Things to do
 in Montana

“I’m in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana, it is love. And it’s difficult to analyze love when you’re in it.”
John Steinbeck

Montana is a place with a diverse range of tourist attractions. Montana tourist attractions include lush green forests, historical places, parklands, beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, and mountainous regions. It also contains a vast protected wilderness, including several species of animals which can make it hard to figure out what the best things to do in Montana are.

Most people know that Montana is a western state, but it’s also the fourth largest state by its area. The state is known for its lower population, with the third-lowest population, making it a perfect tourist destination.

If you are still wondering what the best things todo in Montana, keep reading.

Best Things to Do in Montana

Here are the 11 best things to do in Montana!

Visit Discovery Center to See Bear and Wolves

The Discovery Center is a small protected area near Yellowstone, a natural residence of unique creatures. It is a preserved residence devoted to wild animals giving a chance to see gray wolves and grizzly bears.

Tourists can watch grizzly bears live, play in their ponds, and eat food. On the other hand, this center also provides a chance for visitors to see live wolves. They can watch live wolves while they are hunting.

See Live Skeletons of Dinosaur 

The Museum of the Rockies is the biggest tourist attraction in Bozeman. This museum exhibits a large variety of dinosaur eggs and skeletons. It also manifests realistic models of dinosaurs. This museum contains a colossal collection of chassis and eggs of dinosaurs in the whole United States.

The museum also keeps the world’s substantial skull of the Tyrannosaurus, which is another reason for the museum’s fame. There are also some residues of a T-Rex, like a backbone.

The tourists are welcome to see these skeletons live-in museum. So, never miss the chance to visit the Rockies Museum when you are in Montana.

Drive through The Beartooth Highway

It is a masterpiece of engineering spanning over 68 miles consists of breathtaking mountainous views. This highway starts from the Red Lodge and ends at the western side of Yellowstone.

Visitors can enjoy a long drive through the Beartooth Highway to enjoy the incredible mountainous views.

Visit The World Museum of Mining

The Butte is the fifth largest city in Montana, was entitled the World Museum of Mining. This point is also known as the richest hill on the earth.

The first discovery at the place was copper mining in 1800. There are more than 50 historical buildings present in the city

 Tour The National Forests

There are seven national forests in Montana. However, five forests are present consecutively at a short mileage. Lolo National Forest, Custer-Gallatin National Forest, and Bitterroot National Forest are easily approachable and grasp the tourist’s attractions.

These forests provide the best hiking trails in the state.

Enjoy Skiing at Big Sky Resort

Big sky resort is the biggest skiing resort in America, where you can hit the higher slopes. This resort is present on the southern side of the state at an hour’s drive from Bozeman. Thousands of tourists come to enjoy skiing in the resort every year.

Visitors can also see impressive wildlife near the resort. Besides skiing at the resort, people enjoy fly fishing, snowshoe tours, horseback riding, Nordic skiing, and dog sledding at this place.

Visit Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center Montana

It is a museum that exhibits informative displays having historical significance. The disports and information displayed in the museum are simple. However, a person who wants to gain knowledge of American history can learn a lot there.

This place is also helpful to teach history to school students. In short, it is a worth visiting spot in Montana.

 Relax in Chico Hot Spring Resort

Chico Hot Spring Resort is one of the best indoor spots to relax after a whole day tour. This resort offers a hot pool bath where you can soak yourself to relax your tired body. This resort is present near Yellowstone, Paradise Valley, in the foothills of the Absaroka Mountain Range.

It is also a famous spot for native visitors because it offers everything you need on the weekend. The resort also purveys outdoor adventures like skiing, river rafting, snowshoeing. Moreover, you can enjoy a family dinner and drinks in this resort.

See Animals at Montana Zoo

Montana Zoo is a national botanical park of the state that discloses the 70acres land. This National Park is known for 58 species of preserved animals are 100 in number. This park is devoted to wildlife to protect its residents.

A new animal is exhibited in the park, which is Laughing Kookaburra. Moreover, the visitors can stroll over the park to watch those animals. Don’t miss to watch this adorable creature present in the park if you are visiting Montana Zoo.

Enjoy Blooming in Danwalt Gardens

You can visit DanWalt Gardens if you love gardening. It is a public garden where tourists can enjoy the blooming of seasonal flowers.

It is the best place to enjoy Koi ponds, fountains, and expansive garden areas. You can also see a series of tulip daffodils, but make sure you are going to the garden in the spring season.

Explore Things in Yellowstone Historic Center Montana

It is a natural history museum present west of Yellowstone. Visitors can participate in the Yellowstone walking tours. There is a gift shop in the center of this museum where you can buy anything you like.

This museum exhibits the history of travels to the first national park of Montana. The museum also hosts films and discloses rare artifacts in interactive.

Montana FAQs

The World Museum of Mining is known for what?

The history and culture are fully displayed in the World Museum of Mining. Visitors can visit the museum to acknowledge the entire antiquity of Butte, Montana.

Why is it essential to visit forests in Montana?

Montana is known for its vast forests surrounding about 20 million acres of land. These forests cover the western half of the state. Tours are always incomplete without visiting Montana’s forests.

In summary, the Best Things to Do in Montana…

Montana is full of outdoor recreational activities. There are several things to do in Montana. There are several places worth visiting, like national parks, forests, and mountains in Montana. You can enjoy hiking, fishing, boating, strolling, skiing, and much more.

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