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If traveling to over 50 countries and multiple other adventures have taught me anything, it’s you are only as good as your gear and it’s best to be prepared. Which is why I’ve kept a list of which gear and brands are best.

While it’s true you can usually find the things you need on your travels I prefer to spend my trip time doing cool shit not shopping for something I should have remembered to pack. I want to  pack light with quality gear I know I can count on.

I’ve had to learn this lesson the hard way, but my misfortune is your good luck! Below you’ll find how I categorize the different things I’ve learned to bring with me based on the type of trip I am taking.

Luggage & Packing Step 1 in any adventure is having a great bag and knowing how to pack it.
Tech & Gadgets You're only as good as your gadgets. Here's what I never leave home without to make traveling as easy as possible.
Clothes Certain clothes are made to be folded in a hurry, stuffed in a suitcase, and still help you look fresh and clean.
Hiking & Camping Hiking and camping trips require their own unique set of gear. Here's what I keep with me while
Fitness & Water Sports Staying active is important while you're traveling so are water activities.
Brands I Love Not all brands are created equal. Here are the ones whose products I know you can count on.

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