The Best Places to Stay
in Cerritos Baja Mexico

Cerritos Beach, otherwise known as Los Cerritos or Playa Cerritos, is a popular tourist destination for those looking for warm weather, waves, sandy beaches, and good food. Located only 10 minutes from the beautiful town of Todos Santos and 40 minutes from Cabo San Lucas, it’s the perfect Mexican oasis for exploration and adventure, whatever that looks like for you!

While it’s primarily known as a beach town, obviously stated as it’s home to arguably the best beach in the area, Los Cerritos is much much more as you’ll come to learn if you’re ever lucky enough to visit.

For the ultimate authentic luxury Mexican experience, whether you’re on a budget or not, Los Cerritos in Baja, Mexico is the destination for you.

Are you sold yet?! If so, you’re likely eager and excited to find the best place to stay in the area… Depending on your budget, style, and preference, Los Cerritos has accommodations for every walk of life – you just might need to do some research to find them.

Luckily, our pick of the best places to stay in Cerritos ranges from cheap and affordable to indulgent and luxurious. No matter where you choose to stay, I promise that your time will be well spent in this coastal beach town called Cerritos Beach…

So, at the risk of you never wanting to leave, here are the best places to stay in Cerritos.

Of Whiskey and Words Ranks the Best Places to Stay in Los Cerritos as Follows:

With several options for accommodation, from Airbnbs and luxury resorts to budget motels and middle-class hotels, below is a compiled list of some of the best places to stay in the area so that you don’t have to!

Popular Airbnb Accommodations

While both hotels, motels, and luxury resorts are all great options depending on what you’re looking for in a vacation, many prefer to rent their own Airbnb for comfort and convenience, willing to potentially pay an extra buck or two in the process. 

With that said, below you’ll find a few of the best options Cerritos has to offer. Choose at your discretion… (I’m joking, all of the following options are incredibly comfortable, clean, and contemporary to say the least).

Casual Modern Luxury on Cerritos Beach

This contemporary residence is located in the backyard of Cerritos Beach itself, boasting incredible beachfront views, immense privacy, and of course access to all of the outdoor activities you can think of; from surfing to beach volleyball…

Equipped with a total of four bedrooms, a massive open-concept kitchen, a plunge pool, a games room, and an expansive outdoor patio, this luxury Airbnb property is ideal for groups and families looking for the ultimate private beach getaway. 

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Baja Beach Getaway 

Recently featured in Mexico’s National Journal of Architecture, Architecture Magazine, and FloorNature Magazine, you can likely make a fairly accurate guess at what to expect with this particular Airbnb property. 

Named Casa Nivana, this two-bed, two-bath off-grid home is firstly an incredible piece of architecture, character, and style. Further, it sits on 1/2 an acre so you can guarantee some level of privacy. Finally, it boasts a saltwater pool and a 200-square-foot rooftop lounge area, sure to provide you with a good time, day and night. Not to mention it’s highly eco-friendly; if that’s what you prioritize, this Airbnb is for you! 

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Panoramic Ocean View Pescadero Property 

Just minutes from Cerritos Beach and Todos Santos, this newly built 1-bedroom guesthouse is ideally located for the ultimate Cerritos experience. Whether you want to surf the day away, tour all that Todos Santos has to offer, or post up at a bar or restaurant (for there are many in the area), this Airbnb is for you.

Not only will it NOT break the bank, but it’s quite modern and clean. With peaceful early morning views of the ocean, you might even be so lucky as to spot a whale from your private patio! 

Finally, if you do decide to opt for this option, it also happens to be nearby Baja Beans Cafe; undeniably the best, most famed cafe in the area. If you’re a coffee fanatic, be sure to stop by every morning for your daily dose.

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Budget-Friendly Hotels

For those less picky as too enjoying any added amenities and comforts, instead preferring a budget option out of preference or necessity, the following are some great options. 

Casitas El Salitral By Rotamundos 

Featuring a rooftop terrace, a public hotel outdoor pool, and incredibly helpful staff, you’ll be shocked at the value that this 2-star B&B provides for the price. Not to mention how close it is to Cerritos Beach and Todos Santos Plaza! 

While it might not be the most luxurious of stays, you’ll still get the feeling that you’re staying at a high-end resort, although its amenities are a little outdated… In any case, whether you’re traveling solo or visiting as a young family, Casitas El Salitral is a great budget-friendly option that will allow you to make the most of your beach vacation. 

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Cerritos Beach Inn

Although it’s on the higher side of what one might consider a budget-friendly stay, the Cerritos Beach Inn is a great middle-range option for those looking for a clean and modern hotel that doesn’t hurt the wallet too much. 

Offering six oceanfront suites and four mountain view suites, each equipped with a private balcony, the luxurious options aren’t lacking. Not to mention the property itself has a pool with an elegant waterfall, and lounge and bar, and a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean. 

Did I mention it sits right on top of the beach?! While you might have guessed from the name, it’s worth a second emphasis…

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Luxury Resorts and Hotels

Finally, for those who aren’t shy about spending a pretty penny, preferring the finer things in life over everything else, there are several great options to choose from. Offering amenities ranging from spa treatments to Oceanview balconies, any of the following choices will be sure to result in a memorable experience. 

Hacienda Cerritos Palace 

Known as one of the most famed historic sites in all of Cerritos, Hacienda Cerritos Palace is located on the rocks of a private bluff just outside of Todos Santos. Overlooking Cerritos Beach, it’s the ideal luxury destination for those looking to surf, swim, and bask in the sun on the best beach in the area. 

Whether you opt to stay in their luxury penthouse, junior king-sized suite, or luxury bungalow villa, Hacienda Cerritos provides its valued guests with the utmost royal experiences and amenities, from swim-up pool bars and spa services to private tours and more… 

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Hotel San Cristobal 

As they say, all good things are found at the end of a dirt road, and that’s exactly what you’ll find when staying at Hotel San Cristobal. Sitting right on the beach along the coastline edge of the Baja Peninsula, this luxury hotel boasts ocean and mountainous views only seen in magazines.

Offering Oceanview and mountain view suites, king-sized villas, and humble poolside rooms, you can expect that your beachfront room will come equipped with all of the luxurious amenities imaginable, all in the contemporary interior designed room of your choice. Heck, it even comes with your very own private outdoor soaking tub!

If you want to be near all of the action but secluded enough to enjoy your peace, quiet, and privacy along the beautiful sandy beach, Hotel San Cristobal is for you… 

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Those are my list of the best places to stay in Cerritos Baja

Offering opportunities to choose based on preference, budget, or style,  hopefully, you’ve found it helpful! 

Notably, while the luxurious options are sure to provide the grandest experience that Cerritos has to offer, you can still have an incredibly memorable trip with whatever accommodation you decide to choose. 

So, I think it’s safe to say that Playa Cerritos is an incredible destination and choice for vacationing, whether it’s a solo exertion, romantic getaway, or family outing.

All that’s left to do now is to book that plane ticket, reserve that accommodation, and await the amazing experiences that follow. 

Stay Gold.



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