Best Places to Visit
in the maldives

Blue lagoons, white sandy beaches, coral islands and large reefs Everything about Maldives is an ideal destination for a memorable vacation. Hulhumale beaches is among the top frequented tourist attractions in Maldives and the National Museum, Islamic Centre, Male Friday Mosque and Alimatha Island are some other attractions worth visiting.

There are a variety of Islands that have a distinct style that you can discover during your stay traveling in the Maldives. Coconuts are an essential part of Maldivian food.

Let’s check out the best places to visit in Maldives

Fua Mulaku

Fua Mulaku is located in the southern region within the Maldivian archipelago. Although it’s the smallest atoll with only one island, Fua Mulaku has the largest island in the Maldives.

Make sure your Maldives package must include this place if you want to enjoy the taste of Maldivian fruits because the island itself is extremely fertile, with a variety of fruits and vegetables that aren’t found anywhere else in Maldives such as mangoes, oranges, and pineapples.


Awash with motorcycles, Indian automobiles, as well as bazaars filled with coconut and spices. The capital of the Maldives atolls and the city of Male is a frantic impression of a city that is crowded within a small space.

Though it’s not often seen (most people travel through Male by seaplane that takes passengers directly to its tourist area). The city is brimming with an island located on its North Male Atoll. It has managed to weave stunning views of the surrounding area into its streets; there are some interesting structures, such as the 17th-century Friday Mosque and the Golden-Tip Islamic Center.

National Museum Maldives

You may be thinking, where and how in the midst of the crystal clear waters and lush green beauty, is an institution? The National Museum of the Maldives was founded in 1952 to protect the royal antiques as well as the vast collection of artifacts dating back to the early days of the rulers of the Maldives.
The three-story building, which is a classic, is situated in the sultan Park which was once a part of the Maldives.

The museum is an ideal spot for anyone who is interested in archeology who would like to be amazed by the wall engraves and browsing through the galleries of old Maldivian chapters as well as the story of Maldives.

Island of Veligandu

Romantic sunsets shimmer in yellow and red on the Indian Ocean; cocktails clink in the bar of the resort’s luxury Sea kayaks glide along the blue-green coast, and crystal clear waves sway softly from the lagoon inland.

Welcome to the gorgeous island of Veligandu and has for a long time been touted as one of the top locations for couples to visit within the Maldives. Honeymoons and honeymoons are commonplace on this wide thin strip of land at the northern end of the Ari atoll. There are plenty of luxurious suites and villas with ocean views to rival.


The North Male Atoll Thulusdhoo is perfect for those who love surfing. You can spend your vacation in this surfers’ paradise and feel amazed by the casual style and white sandy shorelines, stunning tidal ponds with turquoise water and breathtaking surfing breaks.

Thulusdhoo provides a wide variety of reef breaks. You can sit back and relax in one of the lofts or day beds located along the shoreline. Thulusdhoo also offers a vast range of activities like jumping, and free-diving into the water, kayaking, and swimming to keep you active.


Majuli is the largest river island. In Assam’s Brahmaputra River Majuli is renowned for its distinctive Hindu monasteries. Birdwatchers can bring their cameras and spend an enjoyable time watching Pelicans, Siberian cranes as well as storks.

Majuli is also renowned for its dance, literature, theatre, and art. Therefore, you can go on an extravagant shopping spree and buy special souvenirs for your loved family members.

Fish Market in Male

If you’re a lover of fish and you are looking for a place to go, this market is essential for you. Like the name suggests this market is famous for its wide selection of sea fish found in the Maldives.
If you can think of it, you can find it.

The vibrant and colorful atmosphere is a major reason for making it a favorite of nearly all people who visit. Although the area might appear to be somewhat unpleasant, if you’re avid about fish, then you’ll not allow the smell to hinder your visit. Take some photos with the vendors on the market.


It comprises The North as well as the South Male Atoll Kaafu is the largest and most well-known area and is the location of some of the nation’s most prestigious resorts. It is also the most well-connected region in the region.

This is ideal for visitors who are considering exploring the area outside of their accommodation. Kaafu is also transforming into one of the most varied regions of the Maldives. There is anything from bargains for budget travelers to extravagant luxury in both atolls. If you have the option to choose, we suggest either an island or a resort with tours of the neighboring destinations.

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