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So, you’re going on an adventure?

Few things are more exciting than leaving home behind and setting off on an adventure.  I’ve done it a time or two and each time I do, I’m filled with an excitement second to nothing else.  But going on a trip is only half the adventure.  Before you get to feel the excitement of boarding the plane and getting lost in a new city, you need to sort out the logistics.

Whether you know exactly where you want to go and just need help to figure out the details or have absolutely no idea and are starting from scratch.  Of Whiskey and Words travel agency and trip planning can help you create the perfect trip full of unforgettable memories and experiences.There isn’t any magic or secrets to planning an awesome trip.  But it is a lot of work.


I’ve learned over the years, even though I enjoy hours upon hours of researching different parts of the world not everyone does.  Realizing this, is what helped to create the Of Whiskey and Words travel agency and trip planning service.  Using my knowledge and past experiences I help people all over the world by creating their dream vacations.

The Trip Planning Process

Step 1: Figuring out how long?

Do you have a weekend, week, or a month?  One of the first things I ask a client when they want to use Of Whiskey and Words travel agency and trip planning services is how long the trip is.  The length of the trip completely dictates where you can go.  For example, if you live in the US, but only have a week you can’t go to Asia, Australia, or New Zealand because you’ll spend almost more time traveling than enjoying your vacation.  Knowing how long the trip helps me figure out realistic options.

Step 2: Budget? Where to?

After establishing the length of the trip, it’s a lot easier to pick the place.  The next step in the travel agency and trip planning process is to use a general budget ($, $$, or $$$) to help figure out which bucket list destination is realistic.  While it’s true, you can make most places work regardless of the budget if you’re on a tight budget, a place like Hawaii isn’t the best fit.

Step 3: Travel Style

Everyone travels different.  Some people love to focus on food and others on culture.  Some prefer hostels and others refuse anything that isn’t a 5* hotel.  A good travel agency and trip planner will help you identify your travel style and make sure the trip is planned to fit it.

Step 4: Transportation and Accommodation

Once a travel agent and trip planner knows and understands your travel style, it’s really straightforward to find the right flight, train, or bus to get you from point A to B.  When planning a trip, Of Whiskey and Words always sends each client multiple transportation and accommodation options for them to pick from.  While I’m always happy to offer my recommendation, I like to find 3 options for the client to pick from.

Step 5: Activities, Food, & Drink

This is why people travel.  To eat, drink, and do cool stuff.  I’m a big fan of “where not what’.  I like to assemble a list of places to eat, drink, and things to do for each place and then do my best to go with the flow once I’m there.  Some clients want everything planned while others want complete freedom.  Different strokes for different folks. Regardless of preference, a good travel agency and trip planning will provide you with a lot of options for you to choose from.

I’m thankful you’re interested in the Of Whiskey and Words Travel Agency and that you’re willing to let me help you create the perfect experience!

In order to get everything started please click the button below!  Once I receive the form, I will begin researching destination, activities, lodging, etc.  Based on your answers, I will create a list of multiple options and send it over to get your thoughts!

Once we’ve officially decided on the location, different activities, a place to stay, and I will contact you to get your payment information.

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