The Ultimate Packing List
11 days White Water rafting the Grand canyon

“The mark of a successful man is one that has spent an entire day on the bank of a river without feeling guilty about it.”
– Chinese Philosopher


If you’ve been on a private Grand Canyon rafting trip– congrats! This trip is on the bucket list for just about every paddler and adventure seeker, and for good reason. World-class whitewater, incredible hiking, and 2-3 weeks of fun with friends and no cell phone service.  Less than a week to go until my 11 day white water rafting trip in the Grand Canyon.  This will be my first ever multi day rafting trip and I’m super excited.  But I’ll be honest, there’s quite a bit to plan for and prepare which is why I put together this all inclusive packing list for 11 days white water rafting the Grand Canyon.   

I chose Colorado River & Trail Expeditions (Crate) for the trip – a 11 day Grand Canyon adventure. In addition to some truly amazing guides, Crate supplies tents, sleeping bags, and dry bags for our gear.  As I prefer to travel light, having Crate provide some of the camping gear helps me to free up some space. 

Please note,  If you are rafting on your own, you’ll want to ensure you have a way of keeping your supplies dry and stable on the raft. Here’s a packing list for anyone going on a non-winter (June-August) white water rafting trip in the Grand Canyon  gear & food support from an outfitter (thanks Crate)!

The Packing list: 11 days white water rafting in the Grand Canyon. What am I packing for my white water river rafting trip?

The Bags





  • Hiking pants x 1
  • Shorts x 4
  • Swimtrunks/board shorts x3
    bring older suits as they may tear or discolor depending on your water quality and activity.
  • Compression shorts x5
  • Activevwear tights x 2

Shoes & Socks



An 11 days white water rafting in the Grand Canyon is the perfect time to unplug. No wi-fi, no emails, no text messages.   Just the river, the stars, and friends.

But if for a travel blogger like myself,  I can’t leave home without:


Camping and Hiking Gear

Personal Hygiene

Miscellaneous Items

That’s the list of everything I’m bringing with me and my complete packing list for an 11 day white water rafting trip in the Grand Canyon Have you taken a river rafting trip? Were there things you brought that we’ve left out? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Stay Gold.

Todd Smidt

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