Question #10 On Personal Days

Is a day spent watching movies when you could’ve been working a day wasted or well spent?

My approach to life is pretty simple.  Try to get better each day- by learning, new experiences, exploration of yourself, environment, and others, and never ceasing to pursue the things you care about.  I’m also a huge fan of doing what makes you happy because in the end it’s your life and who wants to be miserable?  Factoring all that into account I’m a pretty big fan of personal or ‘off days.’

Let’s be honest, “off days” are needed.  I worked on a cruise ship as part of the entertainment staff.  As personable and as outgoing as I am I’ll be the first to tell you that sometimes you just need time for yourself.  To unwind and relax.  It’s impossible to be ‘on’ all the time because you’ll wear yourself down.  You get to a point where even the smallest things bother you.  You’re so exhausted and tired of trying to be a go getter than you take 2 steps back for every 1 step forward.  You should never have to fake being happy.

Ways to avoid this burn out feeling are to on occasion take a day for yourself.  You can watch movies, read, go for a hike, doesn’t matter how you spend it as long as you spend it doing something that helps to reenergize you.  The work will always be there waiting for you.  By taking a break for a day when you go back to the daily grind you’ll go with fresh eyes and a rejuvenated spirit.   Remember as John Lennon once said ‘time you enjoy wasting was not wasted.’

Stay Gold.

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