Question #2 on Moderation

Is it better to eat healthily all the time, or should we allow ourselves to indulge once in a while?  Similarly; does this argument apply to drug use- even illegal drug use?

What good is life if you don’t try a few things?  With that said, I’m a big believer in moderation.  Everything has its time and place.  But in the end you’ve got to do whichever brings you the most happiness and you can’t know what that is until you try different things.

If eating healthy and having a 6 pack is worth eating foods you hate for your entire life than go for it.  If your health isn’t a big priority and you love chips, pizza, and junk food than indulge away but remember their are consequences to your actions.

But it would be a shame to live your entire life doing something you don’t enjoy.  It’s similar to working at a job you hate to provide your family with a good life but when you look back you realize you missed all the special moments because you were at the office.  There’s no perfect lifestyle.  Identifying what you value and making choices based off that goal is the best any of us can ever do.

As to the drug use it goes back to experiences.  If you feel like you need to try different things for the story or because you can’t judge something until you’ve tried it then I see merit there.  Yes, there are risks with drugs but there is also risks driving a car, drinking alcohol, and leaving the house.

I don’t judge people who’ve used drugs.  In our culture, it’s rather common.  The important thing is that you have to know yourself and your personality well enough to know if you are at high risk of becoming addicted.  If the answer is yes then the best course would be to avoid it because it’s not the indulgence of drugs that ruins lives but the addiction that can take hold. In the end that’s a decision, you have to make for yourself.

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