Taking a Cruise in and around
 Komodo Island

This is a once in a lifetime experience that commences in Komodo National Park, which is the home to the exclusive and sporadic Komodo dragon. The park consists of three islands, namely Komodo, Padar, and Rinca.

It also comprises the seaside stretch of Western Flores, an extra twenty-six smaller isles, and the joining waters of the impeccable Straights of Sape. All the cruise courses in and around Komodo Island have been carefully selected.

The selection is founded on their attractiveness and for their span as well. The actual cruise is a very thrilling outing, whereby you will discover that very skilled cruise operators have organized your voyage itineraries, and it stretches to a wide range of events

The events available include Komodo diving, trekking, fishing, snorkeling, tow surfing, spearfishing, and plenty more besides. This article will look at some of these activities that you can get to participate in when vacationing in Komodo.

What Activities Can You Engage in When on A Cruise in Komodo?

Scuba Diving in Komodo National Park

On account of the unparalleled widely varied vegetation of Komodo Island, scuba diving offers incomparable water sightings. This excursion takes you to quite possibly the most revered diving destinations on the planet.

This diving trip is a chance to spot the over 1,000 fish species. This includes bluefin tunas, manta rays, and reef sharks. We cannot forget the more modest species like the crabs, swordfish, dwarf seahorses, etc.

The Komodo seabed is vibrant with color owing to all these species of flora and fauna. Additionally, diving ought to be directed by a certified instructor in case there is an occurrence of incidents.

Snorkeling in Some of The Meccas

Komodo National Park is a pure holiday destination, and perhaps the most thrilling event while on this cruise is snorkeling. You can take to the wonderful coral reefs on the island and the adjacent islands as well.

As revered by many, Snorkeling is a water-based recreation activity, and pretty much anybody can appreciate it. When on a snorkeling trip, ensure you have a mask and snorkel so that you can spot the vast number of marine species.

This includes sea horses, octopus sea urchins, among others. They are all found in these phenomenal waters. You can likewise spot underwater landscapes in shallow waters.

Trekking in Komodo And Rinca

Trekking in Komodo will comprise of various areas. Throughout this undertaking, you will stumble upon stunning views of the island, and you can even march to the actual highest point of the island. You will be at peace when you see the natural surroundings too.

While trekking, you will be accompanied by the locals who will be the aides and lead the way. You can wander into the lavish vegetation. Exploring these colorful areas will enable you to spot the Komodo Dragon in its natural habitat.

Fishing on The Ocean Edges

Harpooning in and around Komodo is perhaps the most breathtaking of exercises while on the voyage. There are superb spots that you will be shown, where there is a bounty of tunas and barracudas, among others.

Still, it is imperative to know that fishing must be done at specific times because of the area’s lopsided climate. Komodo National Park is known for its robust currents, outpouring, and thin corals. All these can be difficult while navigating a boat in cruel conditions. Nonetheless, in the correct conditions, fishing is a breathtaking endeavor.

Tow Surfing

Tow surfing is a board hobby that you could participate in while on this excursion. It is a mixture of skateboarding and skiing; it is an exciting event, and it doesn’t have any age impediments. It is a decent way of spotting dolphins up close.

To sum it all up, the Komodo cruise is jammed with so many events, as we have illustrated above. Therefore, individual preference will have to come into play when it comes to selecting the activities you would like to participate in.

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