Todd’s Tales meets Chase Chronicles: Chapter #1

One of my best friends started his solo one way trip to Southeast Asia this week.  He posted his first VLOG documenting some time at his first stop: Bangkok, Thailand.

I’m beyond happy for him because I know it’s something he’s been wanting to do for awhile- basically since we first met in Europe back in 2014 (that’s a great story and one I’m sure I’ll get to at some point).  Knowing my vagabond side all too well, he asked me a few months ago to go with and it killed me to tell him no.  I know he’s going to have a great time (not as great as he would if I were there though). I plan on keeping up with his adventures on my blog by sharing his videos and adding a little commentary of my own.

Be prepared.  Both for his videos and my unfiltered comments on his choices over the next year.

  •  While I love the guitar intro would have been great to know what the hell he was signing.  Maybe give us less cultured people some help next time?
  • With the time-lapse video footage, all I can picture is Chase standing on the side of a street in Bangkok with his camera watching traffic like some weirdo tourist.  Love that he’s willing to look like a tourist (a dirty word to a traveler) for his VLOG.
  • I’ve known Chase for almost 4 years.  Dude has never been up before 2 pm in his life.  He came to visit me in KC and I was home from work before he was up off my couch.
  • Love the cutaway but would have enjoyed more about Why. Why SE Asia. Why a one-way ticket. Why now. Why not slip me a Xanax and take me with you.
  • Chase makes a great point.  The best way to explore a city is to get lost in it.  When you keep your eyes up (instead of in a guidebook) you see a place in a whole new way.  It’s how I’ve discovered countless hidden gems that never make it onto TripAdvisor or Lonely Planet.
  • 23 countries?  What an amateur.
  • Another reason to explore a city by foot?  You can have 3 breakfasts guilt free and never worry about gaining weight.  Though if all you’re eating is rice and egg that won’t be an issue anyway
  • A real west coaster doesn’t fear a little rain.  Super disappointed. Where’s your sense of adventure?!
  • Chase and 4 random girls.  Some things never change.
    • Quick history lesson: I first met Chase at Roxy (a club in Prague) when my friends and I started chatting up, you guessed it, 4 random girls who Chase met at his hostel.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it my man.
  • When we were leaving Bangkok for Chang Mai each of my friends set off the metal detectors.   Can’t decide if the same thing happening to Chase makes me feel better or worse.
  • Knowing Chase, I was legit worried he was about to unintentionally lead those girls down a sketch dark alley never to be heard from again.  Glad they made it out alive and with all their stuff.
  • I feel like I would have been able to swing a free drink while getting my free massage.
  • Speaking of massage, I’ve never heard someone mispronounce the word “massage” before. Must be that west coast accent of his.
  • “I’ve had a Swedish Massage before” #humblebrag
  • Not my favorite place in Thailand but the high up views of Bangkok are incredible.  If you ever get a chance you’ve got to see it for yourself
  • Made me cringe (for her sake) when Chase put Eva on the spot and she has 0 excitement in her voice.  Gonna chalk it up to still being half asleep from the massage
  • “Bring your own alcohol” a lesson not just for the Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Safe Travels Chase and Stay Gold.

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