Why I decided to be apart of the WiGo Trips travel platform

21 March 2019 — Todd Smidt

The WiGo Trips travel platform is about to shake up the travel industry.  At its core WiGo Trips allows for people like me, who love to travel and plan, to create trips for anyone to join.  It provides me with an opportunity to connect with people I would otherwise never have an opportunity to meet, which really is what traveling is all about.

When I was first learned about the WiGo Trips travel platform I thought it was too good to be true.  Here was an opportunity for me to travel, meet people, and make money for doing what I love -planning trips.  More importantly, it allows me to have complete control over the way my group travels.

So many of my friends complain to me that they decided to go somewhere, joined a “group tour” and had a terrible time.  Sometimes they end up with people way older than them who want to do different things.   Some end up picking the wrong place or go somewhere the wrong time of year.  There are so many variables that unless you’ve done it, you don’t even think about.   They complain that the “trip of a lifetime” they were supposed to take was a complete dud because of who they went with or what activities they ended up doing.

The WiGo Trips travel platform attempts to solve that problem while also creating a true community experience.

It’s is pairing people who want to travel, but may not have the time or planning gene, with people who have plenty of experience with both.  But it’s more than that.   To be honest, if you have the patience, time, or the desire anyone can plan a trip, but what truly takes a trip to the next level is the people.

As a trip ambassador for WiGo Trips, I’m in charge of not only picking the destination and planning the trip, but also, assembling the travel squad.  I get to handpick the people that travel together and will have life-changing experiences together which is not something I take lightly.

 It will bring people closer together even as it takes them further away from home.

I’m really excited that the WiGo Trips travel platform exists, but even more honored to be a part of it.

Stay Gold.

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