5 Ways to Spend your Time
in new york

New York is an excellent location for a quick weened trip or even an extended visit. The city is iconic and offers plenty of sights, sounds, and places to pique your interest and leave you wanting more. Remember to take your camera on this trip and capture iconic photos at sunrise and sunset.

Top of the Rock 

“Top of the Rock” is an observation platform on one of the tallest skyscrapers in New York; it is named Top of the Rock because it is built to resemble the deck of an ocean liner. This birds-eye view of the city is the perfect way to kickstart your trip to this world-famous city.

New York is a pretty big place, skywards as well as geographically. Walking on the streets, you are unlikely to experience the scale of the city; for that, you need to get on the elevator and head upwards. From Top of the Rock, you get an impressive view of everything you want to see.

Brooklyn Bridge 

Brooklyn Bridge is a famous suspension bridge that crosses the East River from Brooklyn to Manhattan; it can be crossed by foot and offers some spectacular views of the river and the iconic Manhattan skyline. It also gives you the chance to visit Manhattan and all it has to offer.

Most likely, you will approach the bridge from the Brooklyn side; you will arrive there by subway and find the pedestrian walkway.

The walkway separates walkers from the road and proves a conveniently paved walkway over the river. It’s best to cross the bridge early as the sun rises.

Lower East Side 

The Lower-East side is the hip place to be; famous people who have spent time here include Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kirby, Robert De Niro, and Lady Gaga.

This is an old part of the city where traditional tenements blend with modern glass buildings and chic boutiques – not to be missed.

The Lower east-Side is easy to navigate on foot, and there are places to stay such as the Best Hotels in NYC. Take a guided tour and see some of the locations where famous people lived and worked. If that doesn’t interest you, enjoy a shopping spree or choose a restaurant.

The Vessel 

The Vessel is an art exhibition; it was built in the Hudson dockyards as part of a re-development project and was opened in 2019. Although it is a recent addition to the New York landscape, it’s a welcome one. The structure gives you a chance to explore the area in a new way.

After you visit the Vessel, you will want to return, especially if you climb the 16 flights of stairs in the early morning or the early evening.

At these times, you get the best view of the sun rising and setting on the Jersey horizon, a spectacular sight that is worth all the perspiration.

Liberty Island 

No trip to New York is complete without a trip to Liberty Island; even if you’ve been before, it’s worth it to go again since the view of the Manhattan skyline is spectacular, and it’s different depending on the weather or time of day. Liberty Island is busy so remember to go early

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