6 Different Whiskey Ice Creams
to keep you cool  this summer

‘Whisky won’t solve your problems. Then again, neither will milk…”

High temperatures call for cold treats. This summer is all about combining your two favorite things: whiskey, and ice cream. That’s right, whiskey’s not just for sipping anymore. Who says cocktails have to come in a glass?

Try out these 6 dangerously delicious whiskey ice cream recipes, and you’ll never want sober ice cream again.

A Crash Course in All Things Whiskey

The world of whiskey can be a bit confusing. There’s Scotch Whisky, Irish Whiskey with an ‘e’, Bourbon, Rye, and flavored whiskeys. Deciding which one to use for your recipes will take some consideration, as each type of whiskey has different aromas and flavors. So let’s get to the bottom of this whiskey barrel.

All whiskeys are distilled alcohol made from a fermented grain mash. Usually from some combination of corn, wheat, barley, or rye. After being distilled, they are placed in white oak barrels to age, giving the spirit its characteristic color and unique caramel or vanilla flavor.

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Like wine, what you call it depends on where it was made, how it was distilled, and the specific grains used.

  • Scotch Whisky  Made in Scotland from primarily malted barely and spelled without an ‘e’. It tends to hvea strong smokey, peaty, or earthly overtones. While absolutely delicious, Scotch’s more pronounced flavors can take some getting used to.
  • Irish Whiskey  Made in Ireland, from a mix of malted and unmalted barley and is often double-distilled to produce a smoother finish without the smoky and peaty qualities of Scotch. It’s usually spelled with an ‘e’ and is one of the most consumed spirits in the world for its easy-drinking qualities.
  • Bourbon- Made in the United States and must be distilled from at least 51% corn mash, which gives it a sweeter flavor. Bourbon has to be aged in charred American oak barrels, resulting in a darker color and caramel finish.
  • Rye American rye whiskey must be distilled from 51% rye and is also aged in charred American oak barrels. The rye grain produces a spicier and fruitier flavor than its sweet corn-based cousin bourbon.
  • Flavored Whiskey- A whiskey that has been infused with different ingredients to enhance the natural flavor. Whether it’s maple syrup, cacao beans, or ginger, flavored whiskeys are a great way for non-whiskey drinkers to get introduced to the spirit.

The world of whiskey offers a thousand different flavors and rabbit holes for the consumer to dive into. If you find yourself digging deeper and deeper into what whiskey has to offer, there are now places that allow you to blend your own perfect whiskey, giving you the full master distiller experience without the trouble of buying your own distillery.

How Alcohol Affects Ice Cream

Before you start boozing up your ice cream, it’s important to understand exactly how alcohol affects the mix. Making your own ice cream is all about getting that perfect easy-to-scoop smooth consistency. Adding alcohol to your base lowers the freezing point which helps prevent those pesky ice crystals from forming. Using too much alcohol, though, will stop the ice cream from freezing, so always start with small amounts.

Alcohol also enhances the flavors of each ingredient and adds subtle layers for a richer, more complex taste. Using dark spirits such as whiskeys and bourbons will also introduce a soft honey or vanilla note to the ice cream from the barrel aging.

6 Whiskeylicious Ice Cream Recipes

To churn or not to churn? Some of the recipes below call for an ice cream maker. If you don’t have an ice cream maker at home, have no fear.

There are plenty of easy ice cream recipes that don’t require any fancy equipment and still produce perfectly smooth and creamy results. The recipes also provide churn-free directions as well. 

Scotch Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Start with the basics. Before you tackle a more exotic flavor, it’s important to master the classics. Like this rich and creamy Scotch Vanilla Bean Ice Cream recipe.

Not all Scotch is smoky and peaty. Pick a good Highland Scotch that has more pronounced fruit flavors to balance the warm spicy notes of a good Mexican vanilla bean. I recommend choosing a Scotch that won’t break the bank but is still good enough to be enjoyed on its own.

Peanut Butter Whiskey Ice Cream

Peanut butter flavored whiskey? Oh yeah, that’s a thing, and it’s amazing. Flavored whiskeys have become more popular over the last few years, offering a whole new world of cocktail and ice cream possibilities.

This Peanut Butter Whiskey Ice Cream is everything you love in one go; sweet, salty, and peanut buttery. Top it with a chocolate swirl, and you have yourself a scoop of peanut butter cup heaven. 

Bourbon Peach Brown Sugar Ice Cream

Nothing says summer more than peach cobbler. Bourbon Peach Brown Sugar Ice Cream tastes like a perfect peach cobbler a la mode without having to turn on the oven. The acidity from juicy ripe summer peaches balances out the sweet butterscotch notes of the bourbon.

Bourbon’s sweeter nature lends itself well to desserts and recipes. This classic American spirit has a long and fascinating history from Bourbon Street in New Orleans to Kentucky prohibition smugglers. A bottle of bourbon always equals good times and adventure.

Irish Coffee Ice Cream

All it takes are four simple ingredients to make a perfect Irish coffee: cream, coffee, sugar, and Irish Whiskey. Add in just a few more ingredients and you’ll have some revitalizing Irish Coffee Ice Cream.

The Irish coffee was invented in 1943 at a small airport bar near Limerick, Ireland. Nearly 80 years later, this world-famous cocktail is still as popular as ever.

Considering that coffee ice cream is also one of the most adored ice cream flavors out there, it only makes sense to combine the two and treat yourself to the ultimate ice cream experience. 

Mint Julep Ice Cream

Trying to beat the summer heat? This refreshing Mint Julep Ice Cream recipe from Emeril Lagasse will cool you off and add some southern charm to your life.

The mint julep is one of the most iconic bourbon cocktails ever invented. Every year in May, almost 120,000 mint juleps are served during the Kentucky Derby. Whether it’s Derby Day or just a hot summer day, you can’t go wrong with this crowd-pleasing recipe. 

Fireball Ice Cream

Fireball ‘tastes like heaven and burns like hell’. When you combine the fiery burn of cinnamon-flavored whiskey with the fatty creaminess of ice cream, you get a tantalizing play of hot and cold that will keep you coming back for more.

This Fireball Whiskey Ice Cream recipe is super easy to make and doesn’t require an ice cream machine. Simply blend the ingredients with a packet of Hijinx ice cream mix and freeze for a few hours.

Pair this boozy cinnamon ice cream with a warm gooey dark chocolate brownie and get ready for the most sinfully decadent dessert of your life.

Whiskey’s complex flavor profiles add depth and nuance to the average ice cream base, making it one of the best spirits to add to your recipes. For a fun and unique ice cream experience this summer, grab a few of your favorite bottles and start experimenting.

You’re never too old for an ice cream party.

Stay Gold.

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