A detailed guide for the perfect
Kheerganga Trek experience

The Kheerganga trek is in moderate category, neither it is difficult nor it is too easy but in some places one might find it difficult if you are doing your first trekking. And most importantly you should keep notice that if it rains the day before you trekked you should skip the trekking because the routes become too slippery and it is risky, hence Kheerganga trek is not a monsoon trek. Similarly, if you are trekking in winter, snowy routes can be difficult in trekking through those routes, so summer is the best time to visit and explore the Kheerganga trek.

Approximately around 5 to 6 hours would take to climb at the top of the Kheerganga trek so you need to start the trek at around 1 pm sharp to reach the top before sun sets.

Perfect experience for the Kheerganga trek

When you reach the top of the Kheerganga trek you can see numerous camps to stay there for night and also there is a temple. Besides this there is a Kund built up where hot water is present. Another kund is also built up for girls and full privacy is set up. The two routes that are the Kalga village route and the Nakthan village route have the same distance that is approximately 3 km from Kheerganga top to get back down.

And one more suggestion is that while coming down from the Kheerganga top you can come through the Nakthan village route because it is low hill and easy so people prefer that route while coming down from the Kheerganga top.

The detail guide of the Kheerganga trek

So the best way is you can trek to the top by the Kalga village route and come down back through the Nakthan village route. One thing to mention is that in the Kalga village route it is mostly forest areas while in the Nakthan village route you can see houses. While trekking in summers you need to take jackets because it is very cold at the top in the month of June too. The hike of this trail will take through the dense pine forest and alongside gushing rivers offering rare sights and experiences.

The dense forest is covered with silver birch oak and pine trees with the sound of chirping birds.The scenic beauty of this trek is spectacular and breathtaking which includes snowy  grasslands with snow capped hills covering the clouds with numerous forests of alpine trees with numerous waterfalls covering the trees in winter seasons mainly.

Miraculous facts of the Kheerganga trek

The last thing is that the camps that are built uphill at the top of Kheerganga trek you can stay there so you can get single tent, double sharing tent and also triple sharing, the price of the tent per person remains between 700 to 1200 and it depends upon the time how much time you are staying and also depends upon seasons.

So the starting point of the Kheerganga trek is Barshaini which is around 17 km from Kasol and it is the same starting point of the two different routes. In Barshaini there is a dam made and exactly that is the place from where the Kheerganga trek starts.

Further information about the Kheerganga trek

From Kasol you will get a taxi to reach Barshaini and that would cost 600 or 700 rupees or you can travel through a bus to Barshaini from Kasol and that would cost around 30 or 40 rupees. Next to reach the dam exactly from where the Kheerganga trek starts you would reach there by walking from Barshaini as it is a walking distance only.

The route from Kalga village is quite tough as compared to Nakthan village route. But to climb uphill, the Kalga village route is better than the Nakthan village route. And one more benefit is that the Kalga village route is covered with trees so you would not get much sunlight which becomes really tough after some time of trekking.

To do any of the Himachal treks, whether it is difficult or easy, one thing you have to keep in mind is that anyone can do the trek with their respective capabilities. If you are not confident and comfortable in doing any particular trek you should back off and gain confidence and guide and prepare yourself for the trek. Kheerganga trek is such a trek that everyone can do but you must have enough confidence otherwise it will be difficult for one to complete the trek.

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