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in long distance relationships

More and more people are finding themselves in long-distance relationships as a result of quarantines, college, and more. These are difficult relationships to maintain because the partners can’t interact with each other, express physical intimacy, or have the benefit of their partner’s presence. Still, some meaningful ways of understanding and thriving in these relationships exist in the form of books.

By reading these suggested books and internalizing their lessons, you will have the power to conquer the inherent difficulties of a long-distance romance.


Situations When a Long-Distance Relationship is the Only Way Out

Before delving into the most useful books to read, you should realize that not all LDRs are created for the convenience of one person. Sometimes, a person has to be a part of something, and they cannot take their partner with them. One of the cases is dating a soldier, and users of admit that this type of relationships is certainly not for anyone. Soldiers face high rates of breaking up and divorce owing to the stressful lifestyle, but they only represent one facet of these relationships.

Another situation that appears is when two people get together in high school and then go off to college. They will try to maintain their relationship during a transformative time in their lives where they will deal with trust issues, intimacy problems, and growth.

Other situations exist for LDR, too. People who get jobs requiring them to travel or relocate for a short or moderate period of time can face difficulties. Not being able to count on the love and support of one’s family or romantic partner can put a strain on one’s mindset and make it tough to host a relationship at all.

What are the Challenges of LDR?

Now that you understand the various situations that can necessitate a long-distance relationship, you should consider the unique challenges that come with them. We’ve compiled a list of the most common difficulties that you’ll face when in an LDR so you can see the troubles that could lie ahead for you.

One major problem is that you may feel like you’ve lost touch with your partner. You could be on different sleep schedules or just have nothing going on in your life that seems to merit reaching out to them. Of course, this is remedied by setting a specific time to chat with each other.

Another issue that emerges is trust. Do you know where your partner is going at night? Are they still acting as though they’re in a relationship? It can be hard to trust someone when you are separated. Your jealousy might get in the way of your rational judgment.

Another significant problem you may face when you’re romancing someone is that you can grow apart, and other people can fill the void. You might get a new friend at college that talks you through your personal issues, or you might find a new friend that has a romantic interest in you. People like when their partners are close and accessible, and that gap can lead to someone else becoming close to you.

These are just a few of the challenges that can emerge when you are dating someone over a long distance, and the book selections that we have made can help you overcome your issues.


Books to Read When You are in Long Distance Relationship

These books offer different perspectives on love and what you can do to maintain it as you move forward in a long-distance relationship.

Long-Distance Relationship by Daytona Watterson

How can you make the time you are in an LDR seem shorter than it really is? That is the crux of Daytona Watterson’s book, and she teaches you various techniques to survive different times of doubt and uncertainty within a relationship. You’ll learn how to see each other often, how to communicate regularly, and how to feel normal when you can be together again.

From Stranger to Lover by Lisa McKay

Turning someone from just a random person you met into a lover requires work and dedication. This book seeks to teach you the essentials of building a powerful relationship with someone when you are living over a long distance. You’ll learn how to build trust and recognize trouble with your partner throughout this book.

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Last by Tony William

Sociologist Tony William examines how new technologies have changed the way that we view LDRs. With internet messaging and video chats available at the touch of your fingertips, it is easier than ever to be with someone even if you’re not “with” someone. The paradox drives the book forward and helps you learn how to deal with the issues that can emerge from a long-distance, internet-based relationship.

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Everyone loves in a different way, but Gary Chapman has broken down the five love languages comprising most people’s outlooks on demonstrative affection. Using these ideas, you can determine if your partner is truly interested in you, along with how to show and receive affection.

10,000 Miles for Love by Milena Nguyen

If you’re a person that needs real examples of long-distance relationships working out and how to overcome challenges, this is the book for you. The book offers several key insights into maintaining a relationship over a distance, including parts about intimacy that you won’t find in other books.

How to Make a Distant Relationship Work

While many authors and specialists have looked into the different ways to make a relationship work, we’ve summed up their most common thoughts to give you some simple ways to promote romantic success.

Communicate as frequently as you feel comfortable.

Drop your partner a text, send them a video, or call them to let them know you’re thinking of them and wonder what they’re doing. Become a staple in their lives.

Tell each other what you like in the relationship.

An LDR is a real relationship. As such, you should feel comfortable setting boundaries and treating your relationship like any other you’ve had before. Tell them your expectations about various facets of your life.

Don’t be afraid to discuss important issues.

You have to bring up important things, or the relationship will lack the warmth and intimacy that makes interactions successful. Talk about intimacy, goals for the future, the struggles you deal with right now, and a lot more that matters to you both.

Show an adequate level of support.

You can’t brush off your partner because they are not close by. They might be going through issues with work or personal problems. Help them by being someone to talk to and work to get them through their tough times while expecting the same from them. This is a real relationship, after all!

Visit each other as much as you can.

This should go without saying. Buses, trains, planes, or walking—find a way to visit!

Using these books, you should gain a better understanding of what it means to be in a long-distance relationship. You will learn how to build trust and treat the relationship with the respect that it deserves. Read some of these books and get the confidence you need to have an LDR.

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