How to Have a More Authentic

The travel industry is worth an estimated $8.3 trillion, and it’s only growing. In fact, the demand for travel experiences is so high that new services like Airbnb and VR hotels are popping up everywhere. With so many options, how do you make sure you book something that isn’t just another tourist trap?

The answer comes down to authenticity. Authentic travel experiences are grounded in real people, places, and traditions—not just a brochure or promotional videos. This blog post will explore what it means to have an authentic travel experience and tips for increasing your authenticity while traveling.

Talk to the locals

The first step to having an authentic travel experience is talking to the locals. When you speak to the locals, you build connections and can ask for insider tips on where to go, what to do, and where to eat. You can also learn about the history of the place you’re visiting to understand better how the culture has developed over time. Talking to locals can be intimidating at first, but it gets easier with practice.

Also, don’t be afraid to speak to the people who work in the tourism industry. They have just as much insight into the culture as the locals. If you travel to a new place and don’t engage with the people who live there, you’ll miss out on a significant part of the travel experience—the culture itself.

Take a genuine interest in the culture and local traditions.

Traveling authentically is about more than just talking to the locals; it’s also about taking a genuine interest in the culture and local traditions. Put yourself in the shoes of the people you’re visiting—what would they want you to know? What would they want you to experience? When visiting a new place, try to blend in as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to change how you present yourself so that you can fit in better with the local culture.

It’s not about trying to be something you’re not—it’s about being respectful and ensuring your presence isn’t disruptive or offensive. If there is an important festival, holiday, or event coming up, try to attend or if you are to participate in the event, accept the invitation.

Eat in local restaurants and try authentic food.

Food is one of the most important and intimate aspects of any culture. When you travel, don’t just look for restaurants that cater to tourists. Instead, look for local restaurants that serve authentic food. This is one of the best ways to get a taste of what life is like for the locals. You can often find authentic restaurants in the city center, near markets, and in residential areas. Ask the locals where they like to eat to find the best restaurants. If you’re staying with a host, they’ll often be happy to recommend a few places to eat. Ask the staff for recommendations if you’re staying in a hostel or hotel. They often know the best places to eat, such as the best Thai restaurant Bangkok.

Learn the language

Traveling authentically requires more than just dressing up and eating authentic food. You must learn the language to make the most of your travel experience. The best way to do this is to engage with locals and find ways to practice speaking their language. Even starting out, you can make a slight difference in other people’s lives. You can find great language exchanges on sites like Interpals. You can also use language apps like HelloTalk or Babbel to learn while on the go. Learning the language is one of the best ways to experience life as a local.


There’s no better way to experience the world than by traveling. When you travel, you open yourself up to new experiences and ways of thinking. You learn about yourself and what’s important to you and connect with people worldwide.

When you travel authentically, you get the full experience and have memories that last a lifetime.


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