How to See the World


You may not believe it, but you can see the world for free. There are many ways you can travel to amazing places that won’t cost you a penny. And you can even get paid for doing so as well.

Use Airbnb Referrals

Referral programs are nothing new. Yet they are often used mostly for products. However, even travel companies use them, and pretty much any other service you can think of. For example, someone might list a hotel on Airbnb, or an apartment. But you can stay in these for free with promotions, offers, and referrals. Just by signing up, you can get money credited to your account to use with the service. When someone uses your referral code, you get more credit.

Get a Job in Another Country

Working in another country is a very easy way to see some of the world’s most exotic places. For instance, you can get a well-paying job in Japan if you can speak Japanese and teach English. Often, these jobs also come with perks such as paid accommodation, flights, and health insurance. And if you love being outdoors, you can stay in another country through farming employment via the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms exchange programs.

See the World for Free by Housesitting

There are many people with great lives or demanding jobs that require them to travel a lot. This means their home is empty for long periods, and that also means it’s at risk of burglary. But an occupied home is a safe home, with the chances of intrusion almost zero. Services like TrustedHouseSitters offer jobs for traveling to exotic or even domestic homes for you to look after. And some also offer perks and extra money for looking after pets while you are there.

Work for a Volunteer Organization

There are many excellent services out there that require hard-working volunteers to go all over the world. The Peace Corps is a perfect example. But there are also charities such as Oxfam. While the work you are expected to do is hard, more often than not, you will be working in some of the most exotic and exciting places on Earth. For more information, check out services like Idealist. Most organizations also pay for any training, all of your meals, and accommodation.

Use Credit Card Loyalty Programs

Knowing how to use your credit card well is a skill. First, it helps to live within your means. But you always pay interest. So why let the bank take it? Credit cards aren’t technically free, so get your money back by taking advantage of any offers from your bank. These often include travel rewards such as air miles and free accommodation. You can also boost this by paying for these things using your credit card and then promptly paying the money back before you get charged.

You can see the world for free with some great opportunities. You can credit Airbnb with referrals, travel to look after homes and pets, and take advantage of credit card offers.

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