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This is the fifth post in my “How To Travel” series. Before you read about why you need Travel Insurance you may want to check out “How To Travel: An Introduction” by clicking here, ‘Utilizing Credit Cards‘, ‘Ways to Make Money Traveling’ and “A Packing List for Southeast Asia”

I know what you’re thinking.  Do you really need travel insurance?  I’ve traveled quite a bit and never purchased it before. In the past, I didn’t think it was necessary.  I told myself that nothing bad was going to happen and was lucky enough that it never did.  However, if something had happened I’d have been in big trouble.  Had I damaged my ear drum while scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef or ended up hospitalized from dehydration after Tomorrowland it would have been 100x worse if I would have had to worry about hospital bills on top of everything else.
So why did I decide to get travel insurance before my next trip to Southeast Asia?
There are a lot of reasons to get travel insurance.  But for me, the biggest reason was it covers me if I get hurt while on my trip or any other medical emergency.  I’m not always the most graceful person and I have a habit of doing things before thinking them all the way through.  If I hurt my ankle exploring the caves in Vietnam or trekking in Thailand I want to make sure I can get the best medical care available.  Knowing that I’m covered if the worst happens allows me to continue to say yes to as much as possible.

Other reasons to get travel insurance:

You need to cancel your trip

What happens if someone gets sick and can’t travel, a parent dies, you’re required to work, or your house floods?

If you have travel insurance, you’ll be able to recover your out-of-pocket expenses for these covered reasons and more.

You miss your connection

You’ve planned a cruise but you discover the connecting flight to get to the ship is delayed. With the missed connection it looks like you will miss your cruise departure. How will you catch up to the ship?

Because you have travel insurance, you can take another flight to catch the ship at the next port-of-call. You’ll also have assistance services to help you arrange and pay for those travel changes.

Your flight is canceled

After attending the family reunion, you arrive at the airport to return home and are told tornadoes have canceled all flights through Dallas. Who will help you find a new flight to return home?

With travel insurance, you’ll have the money to refund the expenses of a new return ticket or to stay in a comfortable hotel.

A hurricane damages your destination

You saved all year for a summer vacation to Aruba, but a hurricane destroys the hotel a week before you depart. Will you lose all the money you worked so hard to save?

With travel insurance protection for weather damage, you’ll be able to recover your pre-paid costs. Travel assistance services will also help you arrange a vacation at a new location – one the hurricane missed.

You get sick or injured on your trip

You and your friends have planned a hiking trip to climb Machu Picchu since college. After your first night in Lima, you wake with severe stomach pains and a high fever. You cannot start your hike. Instead, you need emergency medical care– and quick.

With travel medical coverage, you won’t be paying a huge medical bill. You’ll also have assistance services –  in your own language – to locate a suitable medical facility and arrange transportation.

Your baggage is delayed or lost

You finally land at your destination.  Unfortunately, the airline made a mistake and your baggage will be delayed. Luckily you’ve got a change of clothes, but what about your other clothes, shoes, toothpaste, and personal items?

With coverage for delayed bags, you can relax. The service hot-line will help you recover your bags. You’ll also be reimbursed for the essential items you need to start enjoying your trip.

Or, you are required to speak at a business conference in Las Vegas, but somewhere in transit, your baggage is lost. Your presentation is tomorrow, how will you get ready in time?

With coverage for luggage that is lost, stolen, or damaged, you’ll be reimbursed for new clothes and personal items. You’ll can even get reimbursed for a suitcase so you can take your new stuff home.

Your passport is lost

You are at a conference in London, and you realize you left your passport at a local restaurant.

With coverage for lost passports, you’ll have help expediting the process of replacing and paying for a new passport.

You need an emergency medical evacuation

You and your daughter have planned a summer tour of Mont-Blanc, but high in the mountains your daughter is overcome with dizziness and a dangerously high fever. She needs immediate medical attention. How will you get her to safety?

With medical evacuation coverage, you can arrange safe transportation to a medical facility. Medical evacuations typically cost tens of thousands of dollars, but with trip insurance you won’t break the bank.

Your travel company files bankruptcy

You’ve planned a two-week honeymoon cruise to Alaska, but a week before the trip you see on the news that your cruise is canceled due to financial default of the cruise company. How will you recover your money?

With trip insurance that covers financial default, you’ll be able to recoup your expenses. With the help of assistance services, you’ll be able to reschedule your cruise as well.

You need emergency assistance services

You and your parents have planned a trip to their home country, but on your way, the train is canceled for mechanical repairs. You don’t speak the language. Who can help you locate alternative transportation?

With travel insurance, you’ll have emergency assistance services. The service agents will recover your non-refundable fees, then locate and pay for transportation to get you where you want to be.

I recommend getting your Travel Insurance from World Nomad (that’s where I got mine).   World Nomads travel insurance has been designed by travelers for travelers, to cover your trip essentials. Even if you run out of travel insurance or leave without it, World Nomads can cover you. World Nomad helps you to travel smarter and safer.
In the end, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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