When You’re Going Through A Hard Time

Hard times come to us all. Hard times also show us what we’re capable of. And hard times often feel like they’re going to break us; there’s no shame in admitting that! It’s why a lot of people decide this is the best time in their life to go backpacking for months on end, or they even move wholeheartedly to another country.

When you travel, you see the world for what it is, and that can be very healthy for you. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, use the tips below to help you plan out a trip that’s going to be very good for you.

Take as Much PTO as Possible

PTO, or paid time off, is something we tend to let build up until we can take off as many days in a row as possible. If you’re someone who’s been saving up paid time off and now has a very good excuse to use it, book that trip you’re thinking of!

If you’re not in this position, count up how many days you do have and how long it’s going to take to build on that number. Even an extra day or two will make all the difference in your healthy travel ambitions – you could stay another day in your new destination, or have a buffer in case you miss your flight.

Take a Physical Reminder with You

If you’re traveling to take a breather from some recent trauma or an ongoing issue you’ve been dealing with for months, take a small yet physical reminder with you of just what you’ve got through so far.

A small handwritten note from a loved one to remind you just how much people care. Or if you’ve got a sobriety chip from your recent addiction treatment program, keep it in your pocket at all times. Take something small with you to help you stay grounded, and then try to relax and have as much fun as possible while you’re out there!

Remember, the Further Away You Are, the Smaller the Problem Seems

Traveling is very good for people who need a bit of perspective. If you feel overwhelmed by what’s happening in your life right now, taking your PTO and then heading away for a couple of weeks could be the best thing for it.

When you’re not trapped by the day to day routine, and you’re not seeing the same people each and every day, you have a chance to take a breath. That’s why we highly recommend going as far away as possible.

If you’re going to travel at a time like this, really make it count! Take the time you need, spend as much money as you want (within reason), and make sure you look back and see the issue for what it really is.

If you’re currently dealing with a hard time, this could be one of the best times to travel.

Doing so will help you appreciate your life.

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