Improve your Capabilities as an
in home host

When inviting friends and family over to our homes, it’s important to note that no matter how familiar we are with our guests, we’re acting in the role of “host.” In other words, we have the authority over our home space, and so it’s important to welcome and help those people invited to feel comfortable within this space, and willing to relax and let their guard down.

Of course, it’s important to set rules that you think are important, and to vocalize these if necessary. For instance, asking for your guests to take their shoes off in the hall may be a good place to start, provided the request is given politely.

You may also be clear but polite about showing where in the house is off-limits, such as the bedroom of your housemate, or your office space.

When inviting people over for the purpose of entertainment, such as with a light party or evening dinner, it can be nice to focus on how to provide for your guests in the most sensible way, as well as how to ensure they have all the provisions they need. Let’s consider a few tidbits of advice in that field:

Learn A Few Unique Drinks

When we learn a few unique drinks such as a beautiful recipe for a French martini cocktail, it’s easier to wow our guests and provide for them, particularly if we’re having a fun night in. There’s nothing quite like a host that can provide in this way, but of course, having a few extra drinks such as squashes, teas, and coffees prepared for the machine can help you ensure no matter what, your guests are hydrated and comfortable.

Make Sure All Provisions Are Accounted For

It’s important to think about your guests and what they might need in order to be provided for, especially if they may have needs that you don’t.

For instance, it can be worthwhile to have hygiene bins in the bathroom, enough soap, guest towels if needed, toilet paper, cleaning products, and more. Little things like this can show you’ve thought of them ahead of time, that they’re bound to enjoy themselves more easily when they know they’ve been accounted for.

Give Them A Necessary Tour

It can be healthy to help your guests feel comfortable in your space, especially if they’re just arriving for the first time. Knowing where your bathroom facilities are, or which spare room they may be staying the night in can help them acclimate to the living situation around them.

Little things, like pointing out where to get cups from, or how to use your particular coffee machine, can also help them feel more comfortable and able to provide for themselves should you need to leave for an hour or two. Think of how you’d like to be welcomed into the space, and make sure you allow for those provisions.

With this advice, you’re certain to improve your capabilities as an at-home host going forward.

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