The Karnataka Coastline
298km of india to See

The Karnataka coastline…

India is a country that will never disappoint a traveler, be it a Group, Couple, or a Solo traveler. A country with a variety of locations and vivid cultures is always ready to welcome everyone.

Hospitality, we have derived is from Our Culture that says ” Atithi Devo Bhava” which translates to Guest is God.

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Most Popular Places

Whenever people travel to India some of the most popular places like Goa, Rajasthan, Leh, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Agra are always on the bucket list, yet a lot of places are untouched and some of the best ones we recommend you to visit like Sikkim, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka.

In this post, we are sharing you a tale of 298 Km coastline of Karnataka you must visit when in India.

Where is Karnataka? 

Karnataka is a beautiful and economically developed state, located in the south-western part of India, erstwhile known as the State of Mysore.

This Indian state is rich in its culture, spirituality, wildlife, historical values, and lip-smacking delicacy that includes numerous variety of seafood, and if you  are a Vegetarian or Vegan, this area will not disappoint you.

This State borders all states of Southern India, apart from holding a vital position in the Indian economy with software hub on India as its Capital, Karnataka is also gaining popularity for its tourist destinations and some of the best beach towns in India. 

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Some popular places of Karnataka are : Capital city of Bengaluru, Heritage City of Mysuru, UNESCO Heritage sites of Hampi-Bijapur, Chickmangaluru’s coffee plantations, Goldfields of Kolar, and the one which is trending among Hippies –Gokarna..

Below are some of the best tourist places that you can visit in 2 Days and as you can see the Map, commute to these beautiful towns is as easy as it looks with well-connected Road and Rail network.

Karnataka Coastline destination #1


Our First Stop for the Day is Karwar,

Located on the Boarder of GOA, this small city of Karnataka is one of the major Navy bases of India, and apart from holding its fort against unwanted intruders, this city host for some of the best beaches.

My favorite is Rabindranath Tagore beach, a clean beach with great options for diners and with with water cascading from rocks, this beach is also very popular for the Warship museum located next to it.

Other amazing places in this city are Devbagh Beach, the Rock stone garden, and oyster beach lighthouse.

Due to its proximity to Goa, you can also visit some of the amazing places like the beaches of Palolem or the roaring waterfalls of Dudhsagar and if you have planned to visit Goa then you should try to venture out here.

Best Restaurants
Hotel Amrut , Parvathi Fish Land, Shwetha lunch home

Unknown Fact
Karwar city used to be a trade Centre for pepper for the British.

if you are an adventure enthusiast, Dandeli, rafting the capital of South India is waiting for you.

Karnataka Coastline destination #2


This beautiful small beach destination is becoming very popular with backpackers and tourists who are preferring this beach town and ditching Goa in recent times and if you are near Karwar, this hamlet town is a must-visit.

Beaches, Temples, and nearby trekking destinations of Yana and Sahasralinga are making this destination rise to fame, with its variety of options for meal and accommodation one may spot a lot of vagabonds here.

Secluded beaches, clean waters, helpful locals, safety for women has made this town an epicenter for solo travelers, so grab your novel and head out to this location for a calm Journey.

Honey Beach and Paradise Beach are must visit !!

Best Restaurants
Mantra Café, White Elephant, Café 1987

Unknown Fact
Gokarna became popular because of its budget-friendly prices as Goa became expensive for Hippies.

if you are visiting post-monsoon and try to Visit JOG FALLS and witness the roaring water from a cliff.

Karnataka Coastline destination #3


You might have seen a gigantic Shiva structure with a sea in a background

This is Murudeshwar for you!!

Located approximately 100 Km from Udupi, this small town has a Gigantic Structure of Lord Shiva that is 2nd largest Shiva structure in the world and you might be of any religion or nationality, this statue will make you admire its beauty.

Next to Temple is an Indian versioned Tower of PISA called as Raja Gopuram, which consists of 22 Floors and with lift access till 18th Floor for Visitor, helping to get the trademark view of Murudeshwar Shiva Statue with the Arabian Sea creating a perfect synergy.

Gopuram also gives a fantastic sight of Murudeshwar Town and beach with a handful of boats sailing in the fierce waves.

Best Restaurants
RNS Café, Sea Lounge Restaurant, Naveen Beach Restaurant

Unknown Fact
Murudeshwar is associated with a history from Ramayana, do check out other temples nearby.

Are you a deep-sea lover? Murudeshwar has an emerging destination for Scuba diving lovers named Netrani Islands.

Karnataka Coastline destination #4


Udupi is a busy coastal town in South Karnataka and is known for its delicious vegetarian food in entire India.

Udupi is an emerging tourist hub in India as the infrastructure and facilities near Tourist places have improved a lot, Civic authorities have maintained its cleanliness even with an influx of visitors to this city.

Some of the best places in Udupi are, Malpe Beach, St Mary’s Island, Kaup Beach, Sri Krishna Temple, and Varanga Temple an isolated 800+-year-old structured located in the middle of a lake.

Best Restaurants
MTR Restaurant, Woodlands restaurant, Dollops restaurant

Unknown Fact
Vasco da Gama stopped at St’ Mary island before moving towards Calicut

Bonus –
Are you coming to Udupi from Murudeshwar? Then there will be a spot with Ocean and River on either side of the road, you have arrived on Maravanthe beach, a pit stop for a brisk photo session.

Karnataka Coastline destination #5


The last destination of this Stretch and one of the largest city of Karnataka, Mangaluru is located 350Km west of Capital city of Bangalore and serves as the major port city of Karnataka and exports Fish and Seafood to maximum parts of India,

Tannirbhavi and Ullal beaches are known for their soothing sunsets.

Best Restaurants:
Machali, Sagar Ratna, Spindrift

Unknown Fact
Delta, the City of British Columbia in Canada, and Mangaluru are non-twin sister cities.


Bonus- if you love Coffee, do not miss to venture out the nearby town of Sakhleshpur that has numerous homestays to take you on coffee plantation tours.

There you have the best destinations on the 298 Km of Karnataka India coastline to see!

If you are looking to extend the trip to more beaches than Kerala with its boundaries from Mangalore can be explored, and if you love to hike Kudremukh, Agumbe Sakhleshpur are eager to give you an amazing trekking experience.

Thank you for staying with us in this Journey of coastal Karnataka, we are always ready to welcome you and if you have any doubts related to travel in India, feel free to reach out and I will be happy to assist!


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