Most Popular Destinations to Visit in Canada
Restaurant, Shows, & Casinos

Canada, the second largest nation on the globe, has it all. It is considered a cultural hub where you can sample top-tier restaurants, gamble in world-class casinos, and relish in the embodiment of culture.

With so much to offer, here are some of the great destinations you wouldn’t want to miss if you plan your visit to Canada.

World-class Casinos

In the 19th century, gambling in Canada was primarily associated with crime, and anyone found doing so would get serious jail time. The tide turned in 1972 when the government legalized gambling, and provincial governments were effectively tasked to manage gambling activity within their provinces. Canada is currently considered gaming heaven where players can freely gather to engage in a battle of wits and banter.

Canada has its fair share of groundbreaking casinos that have graced its borders. Casino de Montreal, for instance, is one of Canada’s crown jewels, with an impressive third place worldwide ranking in terms of sheer size. Away from Montreal, you can visit the iconic Casino Niagara, situated adjacent to Niagara Falls, which has been welcoming visitors for 25 years. Gaming isn’t only limited to the Quebec and Ontario provinces; some other noteworthy casinos are River Cree Resort Casino, River Rock Casino, and Hard Rock Casino.

All these casinos have colossal gaming spaces spanning thousands of square feet packed with slot machines and table games. If you’re in Canada but not near a casino, don’t fret, as you can still play online casinos which come with even better perks. You can check out top casino reviews at  to find out which online site you can sign up for.


First-rate Restaurants

If you’re a food enthusiast on the prowl to satisfy your palate, then you should put Canada on the top of your checklist. Canada is endowed with first-class restaurants like, whose reputation put it at the top of the recently tabulated list of the top 100 Canadian restaurants. Other culinary destinations worth paying a visit to are Alo Restaurant, St Lawrence, Langdon Hall and The Edulis Restaurant all taverns that dominated the top ten list.

Book an exclusive reservation at any of these eateries and experience an explosion of exotic flavors served by world-renowned chefs. Menus here include dinner meals, mouth-watering desserts and chef specials. Some bars serve cocktails, beer & cider and non-alcoholic cocktails within the restaurants. As an added perk, all the delicacies in these restaurants are super affordable; therefore, you don’t have to worry about spending above your budget.


Colorful Shows and Concerts

Most of Canada’s significant galas and festivals are organized in the summers. There are few during other seasons, but the most famous ones are during the sunny days. The Montreal Jazz Festival is the biggest in the world and even holds a Guinness World Record to prove it. This vivacious ten-day festival brings millions of Jazz lovers and worldwide musicians to the vibrant Montreal City every summer and has been an ongoing tradition for over thirty years.

Another show worth attending is The Celebration of Light, a colorful week-long event that takes place any time from July-August. You can set your sights on breathtaking fireworks and take in glorious performances. Other shows that are top contenders are the Winterlude, Just for Laughs, and the Folklorama Fest.


Plan Your Trip To Canada with These Top Destinations 

Canada has so much to offer, with the destinations stated above being the mere tip of the iceberg. Canadians are also welcoming and charismatic people, so expect a warm welcome as you travel around the beautiful country!

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