Question #5 on Living

How would you live your life if you had a week to live?  How would you live your life if you had 5 years left to live?  How would you live your life if you were going to live forever?

If I had a week to live I would spend it with my family and close friends.  One week isn’t enough time for me to do everything I wanted to do in life.  Which leaves me with the choice of trying to cram as much in as I can or spending it with the people who have made what I’ve done seem worth it.   Making as many memories with the people I care about as possible so that when I die they will always have that last week to look back on and remember.

If I knew that I had 5 years left to live I would focus more on finding the love of my life.  I’ve done a lot of traveling to this point in my life so it’s not as pressing of an issue as it may be for some.  There’s no point in focusing on a “career” if I only have 5 years to build it.  But finding love even if it’s only for a few years would help me to really understand what the poets have been talking about since the dawn of time.  It’s something I’ve never experienced and something I would make more of a priority if I only had 5 years to live.

If I knew I was going to live forever I would learn a lifelong craft that allowed me to live anywhere in the world and be able to make money.  Then I’d spend year after year traveling and trying to find my real passion for life before picking a place to settle down and really plant roots.  If you’re going to live forever you need to have a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

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