Reach new heights and Discover the
Beauty of Sar Pass Trek

A popular hiking route in the Parvati Valley situated in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, the trek is known for its stunning beauty, challenging terrain, and mesmerizing landscapes.

The Sar Pass trek is considered the best for beginners as it is relatively easy as well as the experienced. On the way to the trek, you will come across amazing views through the dense forest, alpine meadows, beautiful villages, and a mountain slope covered with snow. At an altitude of 13,800 feet, the trek starts from Kaol and is best for tourists who love adventure and nature.

Best Time to Visit

The Sar Pass Trek is open throughout the year.

May to June (Summer Season)

One of the best seasons to plan a trek is during the summer months when the weather is pleasant and the temperature remains mild during the day and falls during nighttime. It is the time when the trails are clear from snow and it gives the best experience and makes the trek easier where you can witness the beautiful landscapes and the vibrant views of the valley.

July to August (Monsoon season)

Though the trek is open during the monsoon season it is advised not to plan a trek during this season as the trails become slippery due to rainfall which can be dangerous for the trekkers. The season increases the chance of landslides and floods.

September to October (Post monsoon season)

During this season after the rainfall, the landscapes become lush green again and you can witness the beautiful blooming flowers on the trails and green grasses. Crowd is less during this season as compared to the summer season.

Difficulty Level

The Sar Pass trek is ideal for moderately challenging so it is better advised for people who had a high-altitude trekking experience. The trail of the trek is steeply uphill and downhill and there is a possibility of finding snow during the winter season. Trekking through this trail needs physical fitness and energy and is not advisable for beginners.

How to reach?

By Air

Take a flight to Bhuntar airport which is around 31 kilometers away from the base camp. After reaching hire a cab or a taxi and reach the base camp.

By train 

Pathankot railway station is the nearest railway station to Kasol. Take a train and reach Pathankot, trains are available from major cities from there hire a cab or a taxi and reach Kasol, or else local buses are also available.

By Road

You can reach via two ways by road that is from Chandigarh and Delhi. You can hire a private cab or taxi and reach the starting point of the trek.  You can also take a bus which travels from Delhi or Chandigarh.

Things to carry for the Sar Pass Trek

Comfortable trekking pants
Good hiking shoes
Trekking pole
5-6 pairs of socks
ID proof
Energy drinks and energy bars
Water bottle
Warm sleeping bags
Base layer clothes, thermal wear

Highlights of the Sar Pass Trek

The remarkable Scenery of the Sar Pass trek through lush green valleys, alpine meadows, blooming flowers, picturesque streams, beautiful waterfalls, and snow-capped mountains makes it a memorable trek

Cultural experience- Throughout the trek, the trekkers pass through remote areas where they get a chance to interact with the villagers and learn their culture and traditions which makes it an exciting one.

Camping- Throughout the trek, the trekkers pass through several campsites such as Grahan, Min Thach, and Biskeri Thach where they can pitch their tents and spend time under the starry sky and do star gazing. This campsite offers breathtaking views and a peaceful environment making it memorable for the trekkers.

The challenging terrain with steep slopes, rocky trails, and snow patches gives a sense of adventure throughout the treks

The Sunset views from the various points give a thrilling experience along the hike and is a captivating activity.

Itinerary for Sar Pass Trek

Day 1: Trek from Kasol to Grahan Village 

The trek will start from Kasol to Grahan offering a picturesque moment. Throughout the trek, you will get to experience a refreshing twist to your adventure and the trekkers get a chance to pass through the Parvati Valley. It is 9 Kilometers long and takes around 5 hours to reach.

Day 2: Grahan Village to Min Thach

On the second day, you will trek to Mintach wrapped up in a green landscape. The trek will take around 4-5 hours to complete. While trekking through this place you will get to witness the soothing sounds of the waterfalls through the dense forest. The trail of the trek is incline and decline so one should take care and trek properly.

Day 3: Trek from Min tahach to Nagaru 

Wake up to the beautiful Himalayan Sunrise. The climb in this trek becomes more slippery and steep due to snow so it is advised to follow the instructions and be careful while trekking. Upon reaching you get to witness the beautiful Parvati Valley and the breathtaking snow-capped mountains. 

Day 4: Trek from Nagaru to Biskeri Thatch Via the Sar Pass

The trek is around 7 Kilometers long and the climb upward is steep through the snowy space. Throughout the trek enjoy the stillness of the mountains and the birds singing. It is worth watching and of course, reveals the mesmerizing sunset.

Day 5: Trek from Biskeri Thacth to Barshaini and return to Kasol 

Enjoy your final Himalayan sunrise with a delicious breakfast. Start your trek with the steep decent plot and and have a walk through the dense forest. The bubbling streams pass through the Tulga while trekking enjoy the picturesque moment and capture it. Take a break at Tulga and then finally reach Barshaini by crossing the river Parvati Bridge. Head back to Kasol after exploring the local markets. You will reach Kasol by afternoon and here your beautiful journey of Sar Pass Trek ends.

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