Solo vs Group Travel: Which Is Right For You?

“…he starts telling them about our day, embellishing it so that it almost sounds fun. It’s how all good travel stories are born. Nightmares spun into punch lines.”
-Gayle Forman


One of the struggles of adulthood is that most of our friends have commitments that don’t include us. Back as a teenager, it wasn’t hard to pack up for a weekend off in some vague Scottish forest to camp. Now, there are jobs and commitments and children and …

It’s hard to find people to travel with. But why should that stop you from travelling?

Solo travel has great benefits. Why would you want to be restricted by other people, when solo vacations let you play by your own rules.

That being said, you might lose some of the best bits about travelling when alone. If you treasured those memories of late nights in dodgy hostels when you were eighteen, group travel might be the only way for you.

So how do you decide whether group or solo travel is for you?


If company is important to you, group travel is likely the smarter choice. Memories made on travel excursions almost always relate to the good times you had with your mates. This will be missing if you go solo traveling.

That being said, company can still be found in solo travel. In fact, for the more adventurous, solo travel can be the best way of finding company. Everyone you meet is new – if you like forging friendships and widening your circle, solo travel is the best way to do this. The memories you’ll gain from solo travel will be truly unique – and often a bit crazier than those from group travel.


It’s a fact that solo travel does cost more. You are the only one paying for accommodation, travel expenses, food… When you aren’t able to split the cost with people around you, it can add up. It comes down to a question of whether the cost is worth it for the experience.

That being said, due to the freedom solo travel allows, you do have sole control over where you spend money and by how much. If you think you can walk to the next place, rather than taking a taxi, you don’t have to argue with your overtired friend who just wants to get there.


Undeniably, solo travel gives you more freedom. You set the agenda, without anyone else’s input. If you want to change it at the last minute, you can!

Solo travel also gives you more freedom in terms of privacy. In group travel, there’s a tendency to become a little too close. It’s not uncommon to see whole new sides of your travelling companions. With solo travel, you have space and privacy all to yourself.


Of course, you are less safe when solo traveling. Within group travel, you know you are surrounded by people who will have your back. Much like in the wild, when in a pack, you know you’re safer than running off alone.

Solo travel is a great experience, but group travel is probably where most are comfortable. Sometimes, moving out of your comfort zone can lead to the best experiences of your life. So why not give it a go?

So are you a solo or a group traveler? 

There isn’t a wrong answer and honestly I love both! There is something super life changing about traveling alone and only being able to reply on yourself. At the same time, making memories with your friends and family is also something that you’ll look back on and always treasure.

Stay Gold.


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