The Best Bachelor Trip Activities
 anyone can enjoy

There are few male bonding experiences as vital to friendships as the bachelor party. Sure, some may treat them as the opportunity to get a little more inebriated than usual and to misbehave. However, they’re the occasion to celebrate a transition in one’s life with the friends who have helped the would-be groom get up to that point (more or less) unscathed. To that end, here are some of the best bachelor trip activities that can suit pretty much anyone.


A tipple with some class

You likely don’t need anyone to tell you that a little drink can be the perfect social lubricant for a night out with a bunch of diverse guys. However, you can make it much more of an event and add some semblance of class. Look up the local refineries to wherever you’re hosting your get-together.

Aside from usually providing a nice, sophisticated backdrop to try some excellent samples, you also get to learn a little more about how bourbon is made. Who doesn’t love coming home with a bit of beverage trivia knowledge?


Get your throwing arm ready

There is something exciting and inherently fulfilling about getting your hands on a traditional weapon. It’s something deep in the blood, and it’s an opportunity we don’t get very many times, nowadays, outside of something like hunting which definitely isn’t for everyone.

A more controlled approach to get that thrill is with some axe throwing. Look for axe throwing near you and you might find at least one of these centers. The simple act of throwing an axe at a target board is relatively easy to get to grasp with, but more challenging than you might think, and good for getting the competitive spirit up before a night out.


Charter a boat

Whether you make it a private hire or you get on one of the party boats that tend to operate in just about any popular bachelor city next to the water, getting out to enjoy some drinks, games, and lively chat on a boat can be a ton of fun.

Just make sure you don’t plan for any in-water activities like scuba diving unless you’re doing it before a drop of alcohol has been touched.

A couple rounds on the green

A full day of golf might sound like heaven to some, but a nightmare to those who aren’t too into it. Instead, you can simplify things a lot by making it a trip to the driving range or by looking for mini-golf near you, instead. Something that’s a lot less demanding and a lot easier to opt-in or opt-out of is going to suit the group a lot more widely. Plus, it’s easy for those not competing to just follow along with a drink and chat, instead.

If you want to make sure you run a successful bachelor trip, then the activities above are easy wins. Of course, there’s no guarantee that every single individual will be into them, but you can’t account for taste.

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