The best beaches in belize

“Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.”
–Sarah Kay

Belize is the crown jewel of Central America when it comes to their beaches. It’s no wonder tourists flock to this tiny country formerly known as the colony of British Honduras. Perfectly perched between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize is highly recognized for its mesmerizing Caribbean coastline and laidback attitude which make choosing the best beaches in Belize a bit difficult.

But the beaches in Belize aren’t the only draw; the diverse culture and plethora of water activities attracts thousands of enthusiasts from around the world.
But if you’re like me and you’re always looking for sun and sand, Belize has got you covered with its vast coastline of amazing beaches.

Here is the ultimate list of the best beaches in Belize.


Divers take note! Arguably one of the best dive sites in Central America, Ambergris Caye has not only a laid-back atmosphere, but plenty of water sports in the way of snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding, diving, and more. Explore the spectacular Mesoamerican Barrier Reef (or Great Mayan Reef), then come back ashore and enjoy a $1 game of “chicken drop” at Wahoo’s Lounge.

Caye Caulker

This absolute gem is straight up Caribbean paradise, making it easy to give it ‘best beach in Belize’ status. Partly because it is only accessible by water taxi (cool, right)? But that doesn’t keep most of the beachgoers away. Once here, it is a requirement to follow the island motto of living slow and peacefully. And who can argue?

No cars are allowed, and everything is within walking or biking distance. While away your day lounging in a hammock, and when you get restless, there’s always cave tubing in the Belize ruins.

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Turneffe Atoll

Located just southeast of the aforementioned beaches, Turneffe Atoll is one of three islets of the Belize Barrier Reef (the other two are Glover’s Reef and Lighthouse Reef). Officially a Marine Reserve, this area is home to endangered marine species, and seeing Sting Rays, colorful corals and large fish is a daily occurrence. There is ample snorkeling and catch-and-release sport fishing to be had, as well.

Explore the mangroves around the island for a truly remarkable experience.


Silk Caye

With its sugar-white beaches, vast coastline, and a community of sea life that will leave you enthralled, Silk Caye (a/k/a Queen Caye) is one of the best beaches in Belize. It is a diving and snorkeling paradise, holding ancient rings of corals that have been in existence before man walked the Earth.

See natural aquatic formations such as Staghorn, Hawksbill turtles, and the occasional Whale Shark. There are no accommodations here, so make it a point to visit this amazing beach on a day trip. Or better yet, rent a boat and learn how to sail for the ultimate beach adventure.

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Sapodilla Caye

Of the nearly 200 cayes in Belize, Sapodilla is known as among the most picturesque. A mere 40 miles east of Punta Gorda, it forms the southernmost group of cayes that make up the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.

This is a protected marine reserve as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, being home to more than 14 mangrove and sand cayes. Your snorkeling and diving time will be punctuated with crystal-clear waters that give shelter to wildlife such as dolphins, sea turtles, Manta Rays, and whale sharks.


The list above are just a few of the best beaches in Belize, but with so much coastline it’s impossible to go to Belize and not stumble across an amazing beach for a day of pure rest and relaxation!

Stay Gold.


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