The Best Tourist Attractions to Visit



Who says you need to be from another country to be a tourist in your own country? Many places in the United States are worth visiting. The best part is that you can even find an internet connection while you are on the road, all you have to do is connect to a Spectrum Hotspot and you are sorted! With nationwide free hotspot points, you will stay connected on the go regardless of your location, state, or city.

Now that your internet connection is sorted, let us get back to the tourist attractions. You might be wondering about all the places that you could visit while you are out on a trip; we have made this list for you. This list consists of all the best places that you could visit as a tourist so that you could see how fun the United States could be:

A Trip to the Grand Canyon

This is the kind of place that is more of a natural attraction than a man-made one. The Grand Canyon is shaped into what it is due to the Colorado River, it makes its way into the landscape and has created several cliff walls and wedges in the land. If someone stands on the edge of the canyon, they can see the ground a mile underneath them. Even though the land is barren and dry, it is still wonderful to look at due to the sharp cuts in the land.

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The most visited place in the Grand Canyon is the South Rim, which is around 4.5 hours away from Las Vegas. It has a large visitor center at it and a bus service that functions along the Rim during the high season. It also has a walkway that is along the canyon and has a lot of viewing points.

The Bright Angel Trail also starts from this point in the canyon. The canyon also has a Skywalk, which is a glass bridge that runs to the edge of the canyon. You can find it at the Eagle Point on the West Rim. The West Rim is about 4 hours from the South Rim and 2.5 hours away from Las Vegas.

National Mall in Washington DC

The National Park Service maintains the National Mall in Washington DC and it features more than 1,000 acres that cover areas with places that you need to see. There are also a lot of green spaces in the area that make it very peaceful to be at. The best place that you need to see is the Washington Monument which itself is iconic, making it obligatory for you to see.

The area also has the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. It might take you an entire day to see all the places, so be sure to go prepared.

Mount Rushmore

How cool would it be to see famous faces carved into a Mountain? If you wish to experience that, then you should head to Mount Rushmore, which is situated in South Dakota. Mount Rushmore is a national memorial and it features the faces of four former presidents of the United States. The four presidents that you can see are Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and George Washington.

If you want a better view of Mount Rushmore, you can head on to the very short Presidential Trail which starts at the base of the mount and it can give you a much better view of Mount Rushmore.

Niagara Falls

How could you talk about tourist attractions and not talk about Niagara Falls? It is situated at the border between the United States and Canada, giving a view to people from both places. Niagara Falls is among the most famous waterfalls in the world, the water in the waterfall comes from Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, which then ends up in these huge waterfalls. Niagara Falls has three main waterfalls with the largest part known as the Horseshoe Falls, the second section being on the American side known as the American Falls, and right next to the American Falls is the third section known as the Bridal Veil Falls.

While both countries have a great view of the waterfall, the Canadian side of the waterfall gives you a completely different angle, so it would be a good idea to cross the Canadian border so you could get a different view. If you are a fan of water bodies, then you should visit Niagara Falls because it would be worth it. You could even take a ferry ride that gives you a great view of the waterfalls!

These are some of the places that we think you should visit since they are worth your while for sure. Be sure to keep all these places in mind when you plan your next road trip!

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