Things to do in Singapore
A 3 day Complete Guide

“It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.”

You’ve decided to go to Singapore and for good reason.  There’s no other place like Singapore. Located just off the southern tip of Malaysia, this vibrant city-state boasts a beautiful blend of Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, Arab and English cultures – all with its own Singaporean twist. The “Lion City,” as it’s referred to, is filled with delightful culinary experiences, state-of-the-art accommodations and exciting nightlife. My ultimate Singapore travel guide is filled with travel tips and a list of things. to do to help you plan your own trip!

Singapore is one of the cleanest countries in the world, it is an enjoyable place to visit, with so much to do in such a small space- this is a mixing pot of diversity, which makes food options amazing Lah! Singaporean’s are real foodies, which make it the perfect destination to visit in Asia.  There is something enjoyable to do for every type of traveller in every age group.  Below you’ll find Of Whiskey and Word’s list of things to do in Singapore a 3 day guide.

But first, a little background on Singapore…

Singapore was founded in the 19th century, thanks to Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. Raffles, (a name you see plastered in many areas of Singapore) landed in Singapore on 29 January 1819. Before Raffles landed, this island was named Temasek, which was changed to Singapura, (meaning Lion City.) Singapura was named by a Sumatran prince, who saw a Lion which is called ‘Singa’ in Malay.

Singapore is small (being one of the world’s smallest in fact) with a population of approximately 5,808,339 million and a land area of 682.7 square kilometres. It is a great location to visit any time of the year due to its tropical East Asian weather location. With a world-class airport and newly opened Jewel, this is one of the most popular stopover destinations in the world, and let me explain why.

Things to do in Singapore: Quick Facts

Singapore, being one of the most prominent cities in the world, will provide you with a different kind of experience from the one you could expect in other Asian countries.

Language: Most locals are bilingual – proficient in English and either Mandarin, Malay or Tamil.

Currency: The Singaporean dollar (SGD) is the currency of choice here. Currently, $1 U.S. dollar will get you $1.33 in Singapore dollars.

When you’re budgeting for your trip here, keep in mind that Singapore is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. While you can find some bargains in Malaysia and Indonesia, Singapore is expensive so expect to spend the same as you would in a big American or European city.

Cards + Cash: Credit cards are widely accepted, but you should still carry some cash for food stalls, coffee shops and other small purchases.

Climate: Temperatures in Singapore are consistent all year. Typically, on any given day, you will see temperatures between 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius) to 89 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius).

The humidity level is high; the country sees an average of 167 days of rain per year, so bring that umbrella!

Things to do in Singapore: Guide to Transportation 

Public transport is easy to navigate, affordable to ride around in (walking the streets can be too hot, so public transport is a good option), and accessible everywhere. The trains and buses are on time, clean and have air conditioning, all a bonus in my eyes. You need to purchase an ezilink card from any train station. However, you can top it up in 7/11 or any similar store.


Taxi’s and grab and go-jek cars (uber equivalent) can also be an easy option. I highly recommend downloading grab or go-jek app for your convenience, as sometimes a taxi line take a while if you are in a rush. Both options are also inexpensive compared to other places in the world.


Singapore’s Changi airport has four large terminals; each terminal has access to buses and trains that can take you to most of Singapore. Changi airport can keep you amused all day, with shopping, entertainment and even a hotel, for some a day at Changi Airport is an adventure in itself. A taxi from the airport is approximately $30 to the city and takes about 30 minutes. Traffic (like any major city) is usually during rush hour, rainy weather and on Fridays.

Things to do in Singapore: Where to Stay

Sentosa Island

If you want to feel like you are on vacation, then Sentosa is a great option. This human-made island is known for its adventure activities. Here you will find Universal Studios, Bungi Jumping, luge ride, aquarium, waterpark and much more. Sentosa is a family favourite as you could spend your entire time here and not get bored. 

However, it is human-made, so it feels like one big resort, which means that it doesn’t have the authentic feeling like other parts of Singapore. Sentosa Island is also expensive, with many activities an ongoing cost.

RecommendationSofitel Singapore is in a great location (the island is so small that anywhere is fine), with the beach across the road, and most fun activities at your doorstep. The monorail is a short walk and will take you to Singapore in no time.

Orchard Rd

Before I moved to Singapore (I was a regular visitor), this was my favourite location to stay. Although Orchard Rd is known for its shopping, it is also a great place for restaurants and bars. This vibrant part of the city is a convenient location and is an ideal spot for public transport, as you have three train stations and ample amounts of bus stops and taxi stands.

It is walking distance to many favourite places like Fort Canning, Botanical Gardens Little India and Clarke Quay. The downside is that the area can get busy, especially on Sunday’s when the streets are full to the brim, or on Christmas Eve when shopping is almost impossible.

RecommendationSingapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel is an excellent location for anyone wanting to be in the heart of the city. The service is fantastic, the rooms are clean, and the buffet is plentiful, which so many options that it will have you coming back for more.

Marina Bay

When most people see photos of Singapore, they see the Marina Bay area. You can find Gardens by the Bay, The Supertrees, The statue of the merlion, The Fullerton Hotel, The Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore Flyer and Art Science Museum as it’s the backdrop, so you can see why this is an ideal location for any visitor.

However, this part of Singapore can be expensive as it is close to the financial district and is a sort after area with so many tourist attractions. Shopping in the Marina Bay Sand can be costly, with many luxury brands stores inside.

RecommendationMarina Bay Sands is famous for it’s views of Singapore and it’s infinity pool (which you can only visit if you are a guest). This location is ideal if you are spending most of your time in this area.

Things to do in Singapore: Where to eat

Coastes – brunch or lunch

No need to book, but if you get there early, you can grab a table right on the beach (literally), with the sand between your feet and overlooking the oceanfront. You can find any international style brunch options here, from a big English breakfast to big helping of pancakes. Coastes location is 50 Siloso Beach Walk and is open from 9 am every day.


If you would instead like to try the infamous Michelin star chicken and rice then head over to Hawker Chan formerly known as Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice Noodle, you will not be disappointed. This hectic vibrant place is open from 10 am to 8 pm but closed on Wednesdays.
Price: $

The Wine Connection
lunch and dinner 

The Wine Connection restaurants are dotted all around Singapore. The restaurant is a great place to go for lunch and to pair the perfect wine for your meal or better still grab a bottle of wine for later, as they sell them in-store.
Price: $$$

Burnt Ends – lunch or dinner

Burnt Ends has been named many times in Asia’s top 50 restaurants (usually in the top 10 to be precise), so why not splurge a little and see what the fuss is all about. Burnt Ends is a fantastic restaurant with an even greater reputation, and when you indulge yourself with the chefs choice, you will understand first- hand what the hype is all about. Booking is essential
Price: $$$$


Dempsey Hill – Jumbo Seafood dinner

Although you will find many places to eat Singapore chilli crab, and in fact, you will find a few Jumbo Seafood outlets, I highly recommend Dempsey Hill. This restaurant location is one of our favourites any time of the week (it is always busy, so make sure you book in advance). Oh, and if you love seafood, then the pepper crab and the cereal prawn are also top of my list on the menu.
Price: $$$

Things to do in Singapore: Where to drink

Raffles Hotel

You can taste this cocktail all over Singapore. However, there is nothing better than sitting at the Long Bar at Raffles Hotel. After ordering your Singapore Sling, sit back and enjoy the peanuts (literally). The Raffles Hotel is a favourite of mine. I love the Colonial architecture and the history behind it. $$$

anaBar Stories

You can make a reservation online, for this cool bar which is open from 5 pm daily. This cool bespoke bar has a great vibe, no need to decide on a cocktail they will do it for you! They will ask you some questions and come back with a cocktail, especially for you. $$

Selfie Coffee – 

Great little pit stop for an ice-cold coffee with a selfie on the top. Yes, you heard, right. Stop by, take a photo, and your face will appear on your delicious ice coffee. You can stop by here any time of the day as Haji Lane is excellent during the day or night $$

Mr Stork

Every time I have a visitor in town, I always venture over to Mr Storks. If you don’t believe me then pick up any magazine or google any website and this bar is always mentioned. From its remarkable views over Singapore’s skyline to fantastic service, this rooftop bar has it all. Try to arrive just before the sunset; you can thank me later! $$$

1919 Waterboat house

Where rooftop bars are concerned, this is one of my favourites. It has a great view, chilled atmosphere, live music and a colonial feel. Everything I love about Singapore. There is also a restaurant downstairs which is also worth a mention, however, they do serve pub-style food on the rooftop if you prefer. $$$

Things to do in Singapore: Where to go out 

Marina Bay Sands

You spend the entire night at the same spot at the Marina Bay Sands. As there are great restaurants, fantastic bars and a great night club. This area is a great place to park yourself for the evening as everything is within walking distance, bring your wallet though as a night out can be expensive
Price: $$$$

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is a vibrant place as soon as the sun goes down! Catch a river cruise to watch the laser show, eat dinner at one of the many restaurants along the river’s edge and stay for drinks at one of the bars with live music! The best part about Clarke Quay, it is busy every night of the week. If you want to try something a little different then head over to reverse Bungi, now that will get your heart racing!
Price: $$-$$$

Tanjong Pagar. 

Tanjong Pajar is known for its excellent restaurants and bars. This area is full of speak-easy and rooftop bars. Walking around this area at night, it is easy to follow a crowd and end up in a great little bar that you wouldn’t have even noticed while the sun was up.
Price: $$-$$$$

Kampong Glam

From kitschy little restaurants and bars with live music, this part of Singapore is vibrant during the day and comes to life even more during the night. With an arty, casual vibe, this area has many outdoor restaurants and bars, as well as some fabulous bars and restaurants. A little of everything can be found in this area.
Price: $$-$$$

Things to do in Singapore

Watch the light show at the Supertrees Grove

Gardens by the Day is beautiful with its flora and fauna, however, at night, the trees light up, and there is a garden Rhapsody that comes to life. This free entertainment has two-time slots; the first show starts at 7.45 pm, 8.45 pm (Daily).
Price: free

Spend the evening at Singapore Night Safari

We have all been to the zoo, but how many night zoo’s, have you been able to visit? I know that Singapore is my one and only, so it must get a mention. The best part about the night safari is the animals come to life at night, whether the nocturnal animals that you don’t see during the day or the lion who seem to only roar during the night. This place is something special.
Price: $$$

View The Jewel at Changi Airport

The Jewel’s Rain Vortex is the worlds largest indoor waterfall. This spectacular vortex is impressive to see at any time of the day. During the day it amazes you, and at night the light show brings it to life. The shopping mall is also great with loads to eat and do. Although this is technically a shopping mall and you can shop there, you can even walk across the sky canopy, have fun on the Skynet or wander through the mirror or hedge mazes. free to see the rain vortex and the sky canopy

Enjoy the local food at a hawkers market

There are many hawker centres in Singapore to choose from, but there are a few things you must remember. Always bring a packet of tissues (anything really, but this seems to be the article of choice in Singapore), to place down on the table where you will sit. THe hawker cenres can be bustling, so finding a seat is a priority as soon as you arrive. Have a wander around and choose a vendor, order your food and enjoy the experience.
Price: $

Eat delicious Indian Food in Little India

Little India is just that, a mini version of India. Enjoy the food, shop the nick nacks or visit a tailr that can whip up a goregous outfit in no time. There are a few temples worth visiting, and of course, you need to see Mustafa Centre for yourself, this shopping complex will have you lost for yours.
Price: $

Visit Singapore’s Botanic Garden

There is no visit to Singapore with a visit to Singapore’s Botanica Gardens. Wander around this magnificent garden and see for yourself why tourists flock to Singapore. Whether you choose to put on some workout clothes and go for a run, or you decide to go for a stroll. The Botanic Gardens has something for everyone.
Price: Free

Things to do in Singapore: Hidden Gems

High Tea at National Kitchen by Violet Oon

If High Tea isn’t your thing, then that’s okay lunch here is just as good. I love this place because it is found inside the National Gallery Singapore, the design of the restaurant has that old world colonial feel to it. But most of all it serves traditional Malay food in a non-traditional way. My favourite for lunch is dry laksa!!

Sentosa Jungle Walk

This jungle walk is relatively easy, and the best part is that it is free! If you are staying on Sentosa Island, then this walk is perfect, however, if you aren’t that is also okay. Walk from Harbourfront, across the bridge and follow the signs, they are marked so that you won’t get lost!

Spend a day in Indonesia

There are many Indonesian islands around Singapore, and for a day trip, nothing beats a full day spa treatment in Batam! You can choose from 3 hours of complete luxury to 6 hours of absolute bliss. There is a menu full of treatment to choose from and a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner to choose from once you are there. I highly recommend Tempat Senang Spa resort and restaurant. (bookings are essential, and the spa will pick you up from the ferry pier and drop you back). $$

Dempsey Hill

Dempsey Hill was once the army barrack; now, it is full of great restaurants and bars. The architecture in this area is old colonial-style white buildings, and I have yet to dine in a restaurant I wouldn’t recommend. However, my favourite is Chopsuey!! A real fusion of Asian cuisine set amongst large ceiling fans and jazz music, it .is one of my favourite restaurants in Singapore. Which makes it ideal for lunch or dinner.

MacRitchie Trail

McRitchie trail is one of my favourite in Singapore. From monkeys in some areas to gorgeous fauna, it is hard to believe that you can find this in this part of Singapore. This park has 12-hectares of lush green surroundings with a reservoir and the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, so it is an ideal place to spend the morning. Go early, as like anything in Singapore, middays can be extremely hot and afternoons can be thunderstorm!


Things to do in Singapore: The Ultimate 3 day Itinerary

Day 1 (landing early afternoon):

Depending on where you are staying, spending the early evening at Clarke Quay or Boat Quay is a great place to start. With many restaurants to choose from and loads of bars to keep you occupied, this is a great first night in a spectacular city. If you want to head straight into Singapore’s Culture, then I would recommend Jumbo Seafood at Clarke Quay! However, if you would prefer something more familiar, then Mucho (Mexican restaurant) at Clarke Quay or The Wine Connection Tapas Bar and Bistro at Robertson Quay might be more your thing!

Otherwise, you could head to Sentosa Island and eat at one of the restaurants along the water’s edge and dare to be different by riding the luge at night!

Day 2:

Singapore has so many options; you could discover Singapore’s culture by visiting Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam and then spend the evening enjoying the Marina Bay Sands area and the Supertrees show.


Visit Singapore Zoo (have breakfast with the orangutans), Singapore river safari and Singapore’s night safari (you can typically pick them up as a package deal).

Day 3 (flying out early evening):

You could spend the morning visiting Singapore’s Botanic gardens and then head to Orchard Rd and Canning Fort to combine some shopping and history.


You could spend the day at Sentosa Island, enjoying the waterpark, aquarium, universal studios or relaxing on the beach.

There are very few places in the world that offer as unique of an experience as Singapore. No other place blend the Chinese, Malay and Indian culture like Singapore does.  If for some reason Singapore wasn’t on your list before I hope it is now.

There really is no other place like Singapore. this vibrant place boasts such a unique and beautiful blend of Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, Arab and English cultures – that the “Lion City,” will always have you wanting to come back for more.

Stay Gold.

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