Tips for Traveling
ON A Budget

Just because you have a budget to stick to does not mean you cannot have the time of your life while traveling. Some of the most wonderful scenes are free anyway. The sound of the rainforest, the feel of the sun on your skin, the tropical waters warming you up, a waterfall above your head, all these things are priceless, but you still need to get there.

There are many ways you can travel despite being on a budget. It just means that you may need to be a little clever and do a lot of planning ahead. But if you are wise, you can have the time of your life and do everything you want to do and more. Let’s find out how.


It is all about the planning when it comes to traveling on a budget. You will need to discover the best places to stay within your budget, discover travel cards, and the most economical way to get from A to B. If you book hostels and hotels in advance, you may be able to get some good deals.

Sometimes you can use a particular type of credit card and benefit from cheap flights. How about internet and phone deals and travel insurance too. If you are prepared to put in the homework, you can find a wide range of saving and take the stress off while you are away.

Working Overseas

When you travel, there may be a lot of opportunities to work abroad. There are platy of casual work like a bartender or a waiter and waitresses, a lot of farms take casual laborers, how about things such as boat cleaners too? Again this is something that you can research before you go. Read about other people’s experiences and discover how you will go about this. Perhaps in some cases, you can take your day job with you.

So freelancers out there, like artists, may be able to continue their work abroad. Also considering getting a TEFL -Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification and teach abroad.

Off-Season Travel

If you are prepared to travel out of season, you can often go to the same places for a huge discount. Everyone always wants to travel at the same time, and that is why the prices skyrocket during the summer. So, why not go off-season? Avoid the school holiday for one, as flights etc., will be so much more expensive.

Take a look at the places you want to go and discover when the cheapest time to travel is. If you do not mind missing the hottest weather or traveling during the rainy season, then this could be an option for you.


When it comes to flying, booking way in advance is usually the best option, and search the internet for the best deals and discounts and coupons, etc. Ensure that your seat is economy too. When you reach your destination country, you may be able to get some exclusive deals on trains if you research. Perhaps there may be some scope to get group discounts. And walk as much as you can.


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