Top 5 Surprisingly Green Spaces to Visit in Bangkok

When you picture a trip to Bangkok, exploring green spaces doesn’t tend to be what first comes to mind. Most people imagine chaotic crowded streets, heaving markets serving delicious cuisine, and an exuberant nightlife. There are in fact several beautiful and unique parks in Bangkok, which are perfect for a breather from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can enjoy calm views of the skyline at sunset, or go on a relaxing bike ride alongside the locals. Here are the top five surprisingly green spaces to visit in Bangkok.

Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park is often considered the Central Park of Bangkok. It has a huge lake in the middle and covers 142 acres of greenery. It’s walking distance from luxury resorts such as the hotel sukhumvit, so if you’re staying downtown, you can pass through and on your way to try the trendiest restaurants, or even rent a swan boat and paddle across the lake. Lumpini Park is where many of the locals do their daily exercise such as jogging or tai chi. In the evenings it becomes an aerobic plaza.

Bang Krachao

If you’re someone who likes to try new things while traveling, Bang Krachao is ideal. It’s often missed by tourists but it’s actually a pretty big district. Bang Krachao is dubbed “the green lung” of Bangkok due to its intensity of trees and parkland.

The unique thing about it is that it has very narrow decked bike paths running all the way through which makes it perfect for getting lost and exploring. You can rent a bicycle for next to nothing and enjoy a day out discovering local markets and hidden areas of natural beauty.

Rama IX Park

Rama IX Park is the largest green space in Bangkok, nearer the outskirts of the city. It’s home to some beautiful botanical gardens and the spectacular Thakon Phrakia Pavilion. The pavilion houses exhibits in honor of the King Bhumidol Adulyadej. It’s situated in the center of a lotus pond, making it an impressive sight well worth visiting.

Chatuchak Park

After a busy day shopping in Chatuchak Market, you can relax in its neighboring park. Chatuchak Park also has an array of ASEAN sculptures you can check out. The park is part of the Chatuchak Discovery Garden with a number of joint green spaces including Queen Sirikit Park, Rod Fai Park, and Warchirabenchat Park. If you’re travelling with children you can also enjoy the Children’s Discovery Museum and water playground.


Benchasiri Park

Benchasiri Park is famous for its contemporary selection of sculptures and statues, making it a must-see for art and culture lovers. It was built around an ornamental lake to commemorate the fifth cycle of the Queen Sirikit in 1992. One of the sculptures is a giant gold coin illustrating an image of the Queen, and there are many other works by local artists including children. It’s also walking distance from the larger Benjakitti park, if you just can’t get enough of the impressive Bangkok greenery.

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