What Makes Mexico the Best Destination


About 2 million expats live in Mexico, and most of them wish to spend their retirement years in the North American country to enjoy a good life. The country’s friendly people, plenty of opportunities for socializing across the expat communities, and the fantastic food are too much attractive for expats in search of a happy-go-lucky life.

Mexico is beautiful to the people of Canada and the USA because of its low cost of living. The country’s proximity to the Canadian states is also a reason for people moving to Mexico.

This article should help you discover the primary reasons for foreigners settling in Mexico, especially from the US and Canada.

A better quality of life

Even before the current wave of global inflation, the rising cost of living in most parts of the world caused considerable stress for most people. Shrinking surplus income prevented people from enjoying a good living as making ends meet amid higher costs for food, utilities, and increasing taxes became difficult.

Especially the retired population that lives on fixed incomes finds it extremely hard to lead a decent life. However, Mexico is attractive to them as the lower cost of living helps stretch the dollar further and generate some surplus while making it easy to avoid rising costs.

An extraordinary climate

In Mexico, you will experience three different climates according to the region. Those living in the central highlands enjoy a temperate climate throughout the year. Those who prefer a hot environment and live by the ocean can buy any chosen coastal property that is still affordable in most Mexican coastal areas. Mexico’s highland mountain towns always maintain cooler temperatures and attract those who want to avoid any heat, even for a few days of the year. Moreover, the light is extraordinary at higher altitudes. With so many climate options, Mexico is a dream country for many people.

Affordable healthcare

In tune with the low cost of living, the healthcare cost in Mexico is also low compared to many other countries, especially the US and Canada. Everything from specialist services to routine medical care and medications costs much less without compromising healthcare quality.

Foreign residents are especially keen to avail the services related to long-term healthcare in residential homes available for anything between $500 and $1500 per month, which would cost them $5,000 to $ 6500 monthly in the US. Affordable Mexican healthcare is even more attractive in the face of the spiraling healthcare costs in the US, which is driving more people to Mexico.

Safe living

Although there is plenty of harrowing news about Mexico being unsafe, the ground reality is perhaps just the opposite as experienced by the expats. Foreigners settled in Mexico who see and feel the conditions on the ground keep saying they feel safe and comfortable. Despite the drug cartels posing severe law and order problems, they never interfere with the lives of foreigners who rarely feel disturbed or distressed.

The abundance of wholesome, fresh foods at affordable prices is another attraction for people settling in Mexico.

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