Why not? Feel the peace of Overnight Camping at Desert Safari

24 February 2019 — Todd Smidt

Everyone wants to go to a place where they want peace and a place where they can calm themselves. In this whole world, there are a lot of places where one can relax and get some peace. Among all of these places, Desert Safari Dubai is the most famous peaceful place and tourists come from around the world to get some peace at this place. But have you ever tried finding the reason behind it?  Every place has its number of attractions like this only desert safari also has a lot of activities to offer, but the main attraction of the overnight camping experience at Desert Safari is the desert.

Overnight camping in the desert can be a perfect combination. Desert and nights are both different words but can be known for the same meaning and that is peace. If you really need to calm yourself you should definitely visit Desert safari at night and should get this amazing experience of a night full of entertainment and peace.

Overnight camping is filled with a number of amazing and entertaining activities. Every activity has a special kind of uniqueness and entertainment to offer to the people who visit the desert at night. Now let me tell you about these activities one by one:

Tanoura Dance

It is a kind of Sufi dance and is known for relaxing people. Experts perform it and after seeing it people get relaxed.

Belly Dance

It is a source of entertainment for people who love watching dance. Professional belly dancers are hired to perform and after seeing this dance people are amazed by the incredible talent of the belly dancers.

After that comes the BEST part about the camp that is the,

Fire Show

Everyone loves a fire show. But what if you get to experience it in a desert by the experts of the fire show. Overnight camping offers its visitors this special entertainment so that people can get the most of their overnight camping experience at Desert Safari.

After the Fire Show, the most wonderful part of overnight camping is:

Henna Art

It is a painless procedure and the henna art specialists are present there who can decorate your hands beautifully. And the best part about it is that it is free of cost.

Happy Endings are the best ones.

This amazing overnight camping experience at Desert Safari also ends with an amazing BBQ dinner!
Everyone loves food, especially BBQ.  And it’s even better when you eat it in a place like Desert.  At overnight camping in desert safari, BBQ dinner is served which is very tasty and everyone loves it.  It is another best part of the desert safari.

So what are you waiting for?

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