Camping Tips
for first timers 

There is no doubt that a camping adventure is one of the greatest ways you can explore the great outdoors. Being able to pitch up under the stars and relax in the deep night sky is a great way to disconnect from life and have a truly memorable experience.

However, camping isn’t for everyone, and there are many people for whom the thought of going without their creature comforts is unimaginable. For more information and resources on camping, visit But if you have never been camping before and want to see exactly why so many people across the world head out with only a tent to sleep in some of the most beautiful parts of the world, we have some great tips to help you get started.

Choose Your Campground

Before you do anything, dig a little deeper into the different types of campsites available in the area you want to travel to. Different sites offer different amenities.

So if the thought of being stuck in the middle of nowhere with no running water or bathroom facilities is your idea of hell, then choose a campsite with running water and bathroom and cleaning facilities to help ease you in.

Consider if you want a more rustic experience or if you need access to electricity, cooking options, or you want activities on-site too. This can help you find the ideal camping site for you.

Don’t Go Too Far

It can be tempting to use your first experience at camping to visit some of the more scenic locations further afield from home. But unless you are a comfortable and confident camper, it is wise to stay close to home. This way, it is easier to head home if anything happens or decide that camping really isn’t for you.

Short and Sweet

For your first few time you go out camping, keep it short. Don’t plan on long stays or excursions until you are used to life in the great outdoors. Plan for one or two nights to start with, and as you become more confident, you can increase the length of your stays.

Creature Comforts.

Becoming one with nature is great. However, you remember you will need to cook, clean up and shower/wash, and go to the bathroom. So making sure you have a hygiene camping pack, including items such as dry shampoo, body wash wipes, toothbrush, and toothpaste, and toilet roll, is vital. So is making sure you have something to eat with if you are planning on cooking around the campfire during your trip.

For cookware, you might need to take reusable camping dishes to eat off and avoid using disposable. You also need something to clean off the dishes when you have finished eating them and a camping stove to help you cook your food.

Think about what you need to sleep, so air pillows that don’t take up too much room and can be deflated are a great idea as is a blanket for when the temperature drops overnight.

Choose items you feel you will need when camping to help you feel more at ease and relaxed for your trip.


Water may be the most important item on this list, even more so if you’re choosing to camp in an area with no running water. Depending on your length of stay and group size, you will need a few gallons for cooking with, washing up, drinking, cleaning, pets, toilets, etc. Take more than you think you need to ensure you are rationing water, especially in warmer climates.

Campsite Rules

A campsite isn’t a lawless place, and to make sure all visitors have the best stay possible, there is likely to be some dos and don’ts when you pitch up a tent at various places, even more so for first-timers. Always ask for any rules if they aren’t freely available. Some campsites will have different rules and codes depending on what is available and at the landowner’s discretion.

You might not be able to start campfires at certain grounds, or pets might not be allowed, etc. Always check before you arrive not to fall foul of any prohibited actions at the campsite you choose.


Of course, you need to remember to take a big enough tent for everyone to sleep comfortably. Check there are no size restrictions; larger tents may require bigger plots and could cost more money.

You don’t want to be sleeping cramped inside a tent. No one will enjoy this, so always choose a tent that is a little bit bigger than you think you will need to ensure you all have enough room. It might also be an idea to try assembling and taking down your tent before your stay so you can feel confident you can put it up easily.

Stay Gold.

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